Damon and Carlton rehash and prehash — and explain, sort of, the compass

"Locke's compass is in an infinite mobius loop" -- Damon and Carlton

"Locke's compass is in an infinite mobius loop" -- Damon and Carlton

The May 11, 2009 official audio podcast, a good one that I recommend listening to in its entirety if you have time, is Damon and Carlton’s last for Season 5. Michael Emerson, though, will be doing the podcast next week to rehash the Finale.

On the podcast, Damon and Carlton rehash Follow the Leader, talking about how Locke emerged as a strong and compelling guy in tune with the Island, much to the consternation of Ben and Richard Alpert, and how Jack had finally found his mission, after weeks of mopping floors and erasing chalkboards, although he hasn’t been able to attract many followers.

As for the finale, they say we will get a substantial piece of information, and that by the end of the premiere of Season 6, we will have enough information to be able to come up with some theories about how it will all end.

In response to a question about the compass — the one that Locke gave to Alpert and Alpert gave to Locke — they say that what they have done with the compass was intentional in terms of the broader themes of the show. The compass is a puzzle that really has no solution. It is purposefully perplexing — it has no origin! It is in an infinite Mobius loop.

They say they believe there is a large portion of mystery and magic in the world, and it is not their intention to demystify the world of LOST by overexplaining things.

Damon and Carlton’s next talk will be at Comic-Con — their final appearance there.

Photo of Mobius strip by David Benbennick, via Wikipedia, GNU FDL

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