Michael Emerson talks about the smoke monster and the Season 5 finale

I like watching and listening to Michael Emerson in interviews. He is smart and well-spoken, has a nice subtle sense of humor, and speaks in the well-modulated tones of a stage actor.

This interview from TV Guide was done several weeks ago, after the Benjamin-Linus-centric episode Dead is Dead. Michael talked about some things that are coming up in the show. They are not actually spoilers — more like little teases.

He said that we haven’t seen the last of the Smoke Monster.

He called the Season 5 finale shocking and said it was packed with action, with many story lines coming to a head … a really big head. He said we will finally get to lay eyes on certain much talked-about characters who we have never seen before. And, he said, the ending of the ending is an “explosive” one.

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