Lost Untangled 5×14 The Variable

If ever an episode needed untangling, it would be this one. But the narrator here ends up with all the same questions I have, so it looks like we are not meant to know the answers — yet.

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2 responses to “Lost Untangled 5×14 The Variable

  1. I don’t see how the last one is a question, the episode made it pretty clear she knew what she was doing. :'(

  2. Welcome, ebster, to the “Lost for a reason” blog. 🙂

    Eloise knew, for sure, that she was sending Daniel into a terrible, probably fatal, situation.

    But I wonder if she knew, specifically, that her younger self would shoot him? Or did she think that something else would happen — say, that he would sacrifice himself to save her and the other island inhabitants by setting off the atomic bomb?

    If the past can be changed, then maybe she thought that one thing would happen to him, but didn’t foresee that something else would happen to him instead.

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