Instant recap of the LOST clip-show special “The Story of the Oceanic 6”

The Oceanic 6

The Oceanic 6

I’m typing this up during the commercial breaks of the show.

9:08 First segment was a fast-paced recap of the first four seasons, except for the flash-forwards, with the most emphasis placed on Season 4, especially the part where the Oceanic 6 decided they were going to lie when they got back.

It was okay. I’d rather be watching a new episode, but the fast pace kept it interesting.

One of the clips they showed was of Locke saying, “What if everything that happened here, happened for a reason?” You think he was giving a shout-out to this blog? Ha ha ha.

9:17 They went through material that had previously been shown piece by piece in the Season 4 flash-forwards (along with a few clips from Kate’s Season 5 flashback), telling the stories from the point of view of one character at a time, in a fairly linear fashion. This is what I had been expecting from the clip show — something similar to the Season 4 DVD feature “The Course of the Future.” The DVD feature went into more detail, though.

9:28 This segment was about Season 5, touching quickly on the left-behind Losties flashing through time, and then focusing on Locke going back to the mainland and trying to convince the Oceanic 6 to come back. We got to see Ben kill Locke, which I’m not sure I really needed to see again.

9:37 Meanwhile back on the mainland … These were scenes from the end of Season 4 and the beginning of Season 5, as the Oceanic 6 inched closer to going back. Not super exciting, although I was glad to see one of my favorite moments — Hurley throwing a Hot Pocket at Ben.

9:48 More on the Oceanic 6, before they left for the Island. This was all recent and familiar material. I did enjoy seeing Eloise Hawking in her underground lair again.

10:01 The last segment picked up with Ben attacking Desmond and Penny on the pier, and then showed, in linear order, scenes that had previously been jumbled: the Losties getting on the plane, the plane crash, and the experiences of the group that landed in Dharma time. There was then a brief moment with the Beachies, stopping at the point where Locke lowered his hood. What happened in the last few episodes wasn’t included.

This clip show would probably be useful for new viewers who want to get quickly up to speed, but if you are a regular viewer and you missed it, don’t worry. It was strictly a review, mostly of recent material. No new questions were answered, no secrets revealed, and no special insights offered. It was a fairly enjoyable way to spend an hour, but not a crucial one for the show’s fans.

Pictures of the Oceanic 6 (c) ABC, via Lostpedia

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