Is Sayid a Jesus figure?

LOST is filled with Christian symbolism. Locke, for example, appears to be the show’s Jesus figure. Told that he would have to sacrifice himself in order to save his people, Locke died, only to rise again.

In the Sayid-centric episode, 5×10 He’s Our You, Sayid also appears to be a Jesus figure, though the signs may be more subtle than they were with Locke.

"Better put him in restraints"

"Better put him in restraints"

Arms outstretched

Arms outstretched

Twelve people vote to execute Sayid:

Amy and the other Dharma-ites vote to kill Sayid

Amy and the other Dharma-ites vote to execute Sayid

Sawyer is a Judas figure (albeit only temporarily), when he appears to join in on the vote to execute Sayid. Then, when Sawyer offers to help Sayid escape, Sayid turns him down, saying that he has finally found his purpose. Sayid, who had spent much of the episode regretting the killing he had done, seems at that moment to want to die for his sins.

Then, of course, the plot takes a twist, and Sayid reverts back to his old killer self. Or does he? At the time I wrote this post, we don’t yet know if Ben is really dead.

Either way, Sayid’s tenure as a Jesus figure appears to have been temporary. But we shall see.

Credit for many of the ideas in this post, especially the observation that there were 12 people who voted to condemn Sayid, goes to epiclogin’s comment on a reddit discussion thread.

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