When did the curse against pregnant women begin?

Amy, pregnant, in 5x08 "LaFleur"

Amy, pregnant, in 5x08 "LaFleur"

Back in Season 3, in D.O.C., Juliet told Sun that every pregnant woman who had conceived on the island had died.

Amy’s pregnancy and the successful delivery of her child, in 3×08 LaFleur, raises new questions and throws some doubt on existing theories.

I see three possibilities:

1. The problem was caused in the 1950s by Jughead, the atomic bomb. If it was poorly sealed when it was buried, radiation would have leaked out into the soil. In some as-yet unknown way, this could have caused all sorts of strange things to happen, including, perhaps the time jumps — and the death of all women who conceived on the radiation-contaminated island … or …

2. It was always a problem. If the four-toed statue was really meant to be Taweret, then there must have been an ancient civilization on the island that felt the need to appeal to a goddess who protected women in labor… or …

3. The problem was recent, perhaps starting in the 1970s after the Dharma Purge. I don’t think we know yet whether or not Amy conceived on the island. The Dharma Initiative had a submarine shuttling back and forth every couple of weeks, so it’s possible she was off the island when she became pregnant. But if she did conceive on the island, then unless she was some sort of special exception, the curse against the pregnant women could not yet have come into effect.

Picture of pregnant Amy cropped and lightened from a screencap by lost-media.com, from 5×08 “LaFleur” (c) ABC

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