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“There’s a big hootenanny over here”

On the LOST set

Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, and Jorge Garcia relaxing on the set

You have to see this. Josh Holloway, Terry O’Quinn, and Jorge Garcia are singing “On the Bayou” while taking a break on the LOST set, sitting under a tarp with fellow cast mates.

The video is by @bethanyshady (Jorge Garcia’s wife), and you can watch it on her Facebook page.

(via @JoshHollowayFF)

New role for Terry O’Quinn in “Hallelujah”

Terry O'Quinn as Locke in LOST 6x04 "The Substitute"

Terry O’Quinn has been cast in a new television musical drama about a Texas town torn apart by the forces of good and evil. (Hmmm … sounds familiar!)

O’Quinn will play the villain, “a charming yet wholly corrupt local millionaire who virtually owns the town.” That’s interesting, because Michael Emerson, in HIS new show, will be playing a billionaire (though apparently one on the side of good). So both of these actors are getting to play men with money. It must be their destiny! Ahem.

I don’t know what this means for the fate of Odd Jobs, the show that was originally going to star O’Quinn and Emerson and has now been delayed. With both of them starring in their own shows, it doesn’t look good for an O’Quinn/Emerson reunion show anytime soon.

I love musicals, though, so this is exciting news. I wonder if O’Quinn himself will sing. He’s quite a good singer — something I hadn’t expected before I saw a couple of video clips. Take a look:

O’Quinn singing “If I Loved You” in a 1991 made-for-TV movie

O’Quinn singing about being a “bad Daddy” (and proving that he’s been playing villains for a VERY long time)

Hallelujah will be produced by Marc Cherry and Sabrina Wind (Desperate Housewives) and will star Jesse L. Martin (Ed Green in Law & Order) as a stranger who comes to town “bringing justice, peace and possibly restoring faith.” Restoring faith — sounds like another LOST theme.

Jimmy Fallon’s musical tribute to LOST at the Emmys

Update: Here’s the full LOST segment:

Here are short sniplets from each of the three songs:

He’s singing:

The Island it was mythical
But in the end they died
I didn’t understand it
But I tried

Jorge Garcia in opening number in 2010 Emmys

Jorge Garcia (Hurley) was in the Glee-inspired opening song and dance number for the Emmys. Here’s a short clip of the opening number. Jorge comes on at the end:

[Editing to add] Here’s the full clip:

Want to see more of Jorge singing? Here are some oldies-but-goodies from the blog archives:

Hurley sings to Aaron in The Greater Good (episode 1×21)

This is from an August 2008 “Netflix Live” concert, where Jorge sings “Mustang Sally” with other TV actors:

This is from a recording session for the movie When We Were Pirates:

LOST Untangled finale 6×17-18 “The End”

This last “LOST Untangled” is much more a retrospective of the entire series than an untangling of the finale itself.

That’s too bad, because the finale was the one episode that I really needed to have untangled, the one episode that left me baffled.

Maybe they didn’t untangle it because they couldn’t, because they didn’t understand it themselves.

(What, me bitter? 😉 )

Anyway, this has music by the “Previously on Lost” recap band, lots of clips of iconic moments from all six years of the show, but alas, no dancing statue this time.

Be sure to watch it past the end of the credits, where there is a moment that is vey funny (for those who’ve been watching the “Untangled” videos all along.)

LOST link round-up # 1

Round 'em up, ancient Egyptian cowboy!

It’s hard to believe, but we’re heading into the final week of LOST. So exciting and so sad.

The approaching end of LOST has unleashed a torrent of creativity around the internet. Such an excess of riches, and too much to describe everything in individual posts. I’m just going to start posting lists of links to interesting things, as I come across them:

Composer Michael Giacchino was honored in UCLA last night, May 13. The LOST folks at the event taped short tributes to him. They also said a few words about how they felt about the show ending.

Some of these videos have just been posted, so you can be among the first to watch. The videos feature Jorge Garcia (Hurley, still alive despite his red shirt), Michael Emerson (be still my heart) (Ben, who found redemption at last), Daniel Dae Kim (Jin, and fie on the producers for killing him off), L. Scott Caldwell (Rose, who is not Eve after all), Damon and Carlton (who I suppose can still be my boyfriends even though they killed off Sun & Jin right after they got back together), Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert, who can ride a horse and is not a vampire), Harold Perrineau (Michaaaaaaaael, last spotted whispering in the jungle), and Sonya Walger (Penny: will she return with her boat for the finale?)

There is also a long profile of Michael Giacchino in the current (May 17) print issue of The New Yorker (only an abstract is available online to non-subscribers).

What if LOST ended like The Sopranos? Or like Saturday Night Live? has imagined the last 10 seconds of LOST, if it were to end like eleven other television shows.

It turns out that Previously on Lost is not the only recap band. There’s another (called, appropriately, The Others), and the ultra-talented Sophie made a video to go along with their song about the Jack-centric episode, The Lighthouse.

More to come.

Picture at the top of the post, which is via Wikipedia, is from a carving at the temple of Seti I in Abydos, Egypt, and shows the Pharaoh ready to lasso a sacred bull.

Puppet Dr. Chang channels John Locke in a rap music video — hilarious and brilliant

You have to watch this:

This has got to be the best thing that the “Lost Untangled” crew has ever done, with the possible exception of the Season 5 Untangled Finale Event — which is where the dancing statue seen in the video above originated. The music for both videos was done by the same group, the recap band Previously on Lost.

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