LOST nominated for five Emmy Awards

Emmy Award

Great news: LOST got nominated for best drama series, Michael Emerson got nominated, for the third time, for best supporting actor, and Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof got nominated for best writing for the season finale episode, The Incident

Here’s the complete list of all the nominations for LOST:

  • Outstanding drama series: LOST
  • Outstanding supporting actor in a drama series: Michael Emerson
  • Outstanding writing for a drama series: Cuse and Lindelof, for The Incident
  • Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Drama Series: Stephen Semel, Mark Goldman, and Chris Nelson, for The Incident
  • Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (One Hour): Robert Anderson, Ken King, Scott Weber, and Frank Morrone, for The Incident

Source: Emmy site

Here’s a video clip of LOST winning Best Drama Series in 2005, for its first season:

Picture of Emmy Award from Wikipedia

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4 responses to “LOST nominated for five Emmy Awards

  1. Heh. I had to do a double take when “The West Wing” rolled around. Then I read the year and realized why it was included. (Serious West Wing’ite here.)

    Hope Lost has the same result as 2005. 😀

  2. Ha — yeah, that’s an old clip. Crossing my fingers that LOST will win again this year, and that Michael Emerson will win, finally, for his Benjamin Linus role — he did win an Emmy once, but for another role on another show, never for playing Ben.

  3. I am happy that Michael Emerson is nominated but I was also hoping Terry O’quinn will also be nominated for his character as John Locke. His character actually for season 5 has more drama and he act so natural and believable. I don’t know why he wasn’t nominated. But I do hope Michael Emerson will win and Lost will win as outstanding drama series.

  4. I agree that Terry O’Quinn deserved to be nominated. I wish Jeremy Davies, Fionnula Flanagan, Elizabeth Mitchell, Josh Holloway, Naveen Andrews, Jorge Garcia, and Ken Leung had all been nominated this year too.

    Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson already went head-to-head for the Emmy in 2007 — and Terry O’Quinn won that time. So maybe it’s Michael Emerson’s turn this year.

    I think Emerson is such an amazing actor — and he adds so much to LOST — that it would be a crime if he didn’t win at some point.

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