Matthew Fox (Jack), shirtless in Rome

A photographer snapped several pictures of a shirtless Matthew Fox standing on his hotel balcony. I guess the weather must have been nice!

Matthew Fox, without his shirt, on a balcony in Rome, July 2009

Matthew Fox, without his shirt, on a balcony in Rome, July 2009

You can see a full set of 18 pictures of Matthew’s day — many pictures of him with his wife, son, and mother, seeing the sights of Rome, as well as a few more balcony shots, one showing off his tattoo — on

I also found an interesting description of Tuesday’s Fiction Fest event, written by Elisabetta, an Italian blogger who was there with a group of fellow hardcore Matthew Fox fans. They showed up wearing Dharma jumpsuits! Elisabetta writes about how they were screaming — so they may have been the ones whose screams you can hear on the video of the master class when Matthew Fox walked onto the stage. Read a detailed description of their day, and see a picture of them in their jumpsuits, on the Foxy and Jack Rule blog.

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2 responses to “Matthew Fox (Jack), shirtless in Rome

  1. Hmm… Foxy Fox. Though Sawyer or Sayid are much less *deserving* of wearing shirts. šŸ˜€

  2. Ha. I agree. Fox actually doesn’t look that good to me here.

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