Evangeline Lilly talks about Josh Holloway and Matthew Fox

Sawyer, Kate, and Jack Season 1 promo picture

Sawyer, Kate, and Jack Season 1 promo picture

Those of you (and I know you are out there!) who HATE the Kate-Sawyer-Jack-(Juliet) love triangle/quadrangle might want to back out now, because in this video, Evangeline Lilly (Kate) talks about what it’s like to work with her co-stars Matthew Fox (Jack) and Josh Holloway (Sawyer).

Actually, this has some great clips — of Sawyer taking off his glasses when he firsts sees Kate in Dharma time, of a tender Sawyer-Kate kiss, of the Kate-Jack kiss after Kate leaves Aaron (though that latter scene is almost too dark to see, at least on my monitor), and of the interaction between Jack and Sawyer when Jack refuses to treat Little Ben.

Evangeline talks about how Matthew and Josh have different ways of working, how Matthew is more cerebral, and Josh more instinctive:

Promo picture (c) ABC, from Lost-Media.com

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7 responses to “Evangeline Lilly talks about Josh Holloway and Matthew Fox

  1. Matthew rox ! He’s the best !
    JATE is fate !

  2. I still think that people support some relationship, if they like some character and they want some happiness for him but Lost isn´t soap opera with happy endings, sorry.

  3. Skate!!!! Why wasn’t it skate sad!!

  4. Im not a lost fan, but Sawyer is ugly…

  5. Sawyer ugly?! Well maybe you’re blind 😉

  6. I apreciate the relationship between jack and kate,i like them

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