Promos for 5×14 The Variable

The next episode is called The Variable. The title must be meant as a nod to The Constant, the title of the 4th Season episode where Desmond visited Faraday in Oxford, in 1996, and watched Faraday send his lab mouse “Eloise” on a fatal trip through time.

Here are a couple of very short trailers:

This one ran after Some Like it Hoth. The part for The Variable starts at 0:17

Here’s the 10-second promo that ran after the clip show:

And here is a slideshow of promo photos from the episode, showing our Lostie friends in their Dharma outfits (may be very slightly spoiler-ish):

The Variable will air on Wednesday, April 29, 2009, at 9:00 pm to 10:02 pm (an hour earlier Central).

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3 responses to “Promos for 5×14 The Variable

  1. That last shot in the slideshow sure looks interesting…. it made me wish there was just one more after it to see why they had guns.

    Then the shot where Sawyer is holding Juliets hand .. awww sweet. 🙂

  2. Very sweet. I have high hopes for Sawyer and Juliet surviving as a couple.

    The episode looks good. I like stories set in Dharma time. They all look so funny in their jumpsuits, though!

  3. Yes, they do look funny in their jumpsuits. 🙂

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