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I’ve been kicked off of

Update April 18-22: Many Exiles have set up blogrolls listing the former Today-ers, along with links to their new blogs.

You can see who is on the blogrolls here: Just Flitting, 30 Something and Searching, Books and Movies, TV News and Reviews, Self Reliance, Bookishgal, All About Bipolar, Nonfiction Book Review, Hospitalera’s blog, Alzheimer’s Disease Caregiver and the Exiles group blog.

If you have an Exile blogroll, and you’re not listed above, please let me know, and I’ll add you.

I received this letter — it’s a form letter that other people have been receiving as well:

Subject: Close Account

We understand that you are unhappy blogging with As such we will be closing out your account for you. Your blog earnings to date will be sent to you in the next pay cycle.

We want to thank you for trying out and are sorry the program has not lived up to your expectations. We certainly wish you the best in your future endeavors.

Sincerely, Support

If you were a reader of my blog — — please change your bookmarks from there to here — and thank you so much for following me around cyberspace!

If you are a fellow writer, please get in touch, if you feel like it. Now that I have nothing left to lose (except for my last payment, which I’m not sure I will see anyway), I have no more hesitations about speaking publicly. So you can leave a comment below, or if you prefer, email me at eeekablog (at) gmail (dot) com.

A note to anyone following both blogs

As of right now, they stopped paying me for my posts on my network blog, so I’m going to be posting all my new posts over here. I think it’s for the best, because I don’t really have time to keep up two blogs, and it was getting confusing trying to divvy up posts between the two in a way that made some sense. Truth is, I was trying to hedge my bets …

Now it’s time to take the leap, for real.


Photo (c) Penelope Berger



Hi! I’m Ms Terri, and this is a blog about the amazing TV show LOST.

I started blogging about LOST in September, 2008 at a blog called “LOST Fan” on the blogging network. Unfortunately, the network turned out to be unscrupulous and unprofitable — not a good combination — and they eventually kicked out many of the bloggers, including myself, locked us out, and seized our blogs.

While the network was a huge disappointment, blogging about LOST was not. I love doing it! So here I am, in a new space, keeping the blog fires burning in a much less stressful atmosphere.

The blog’s title refers to John Locke’s line, “We were all brought here for a reason.”

Figuring out that reason is what LOST, and this blog, are all about.

There are some nice features for commenting here.   Comments are threaded, you can get email notification of new comments, and — my favorite feature — when you leave a comment, you get a randomly-selected cute little monster icon.

If you have any questions, suggestions, requests, complaints, or secret stashes of never-before-seen photos of shirtless Sawyer,  please feel free to email me at eeekablog (at) gmail (dot) com.

Or say “Hi!” in the comments below, and get your very own cute monster icon as a reward.

Photo of “Hi” written in beach sand (c) Luke Gillam

Updated 4/21/09

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