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Vilcek Foundation LOST Exhibit catalogue now online

vilcek lost mr cluck dogen dharma bus

Front room of the Vilcek exhibit

The Vilcek Foundation just announced that they have posted on their website the exhibit catalog and exhibit book, along with fan photos, comments, and drawings, from the LOST exhibit in New York that closed on June 5.

The catalog has descriptions of all the props that were shown in the exhibit, including who made them, what they were made of, descriptions of what they meant in the show, memorable moments where they were used, and sometimes notes about odd facts or mistakes, such as Jack Shephard’s name being misspelled on the envelope of Locke’s suicide note.

The book has interesting interviews with some of the members of the cast and crew.

I’ll be posting the rest of my photographs from the exhibit here on the blog when I finish fiddling around with them.

Pictures from the Vilcek Foundation LOST show

I went to the Vilcek Foundation exhibit on closing day, Saturday, June 5, 2010. It was in a small-ish gallery — two rooms, connected by a hallway — that was nice and cool on a hot, muggy day.

Photos on the wall celebrated the multi-cultural backrounds of the LOST crew and cast. The rest of the space was filled with props from the show, including Sawyer’s letter, Charlie’s heroin-filled statues, the Dharma bus, Hurley’s winning lottery ticket, costumes, hieroglypics from the Temple walls, Jughead the bomb, and the frozen donkey wheel.

Here are the first few pictures. I’ve got a lot more, which I’ll be posting later.

Outside the building:

LOST Vilcek exhibit show new york city

Entrance to the Vilcek LOST Exhibit

A friendly policeman stood right next to the door. I couldn’t figure out why the show needed police protection. Were they expecting a riot, with fans who liked the ending brawling with fans who didn’t? Just kidding. Maybe some celebrities were expected to come by later. Or maybe it was because the props are valuable and they were guarding against theft. In any case, he seemed to be having an easy day:

A friendly policeman guards the exhibit

A large mural filled a wall in the entryway:

vilcek mural LOST

Mural in entryway

The first thing you see when you enter the gallery is Mr. Cluck’s chicken, Dogen’s costume, and a Dharma bus — a shiny Dharma-vintage one, not the crumbling old one that Hurley drove in the meadow:

vilcek lost mr cluck dogen dharma bus

Mr. Cluck, Dogen's costume, and a shiny blue Dharma bus

More pictures later.

Vilcek Foundation LOST exhibit in NYC closes on Saturday, June 5, 2010

An organization called the Vilcek Foundation, which honors foreign-born artists and scientists who have made outstanding contributions in the United States, has been running an exhibit of LOST props and images, with a unique focus on immigrant and first-generation contributors to the show.

The exhibit opened on May 20, and will have its last day this Saturday, June 5. I’m going to try to go before it closes, since I’m in New York now.

For photographs of the exhibit and visitor comments, see the Foundation’s Facebook page.

Here’s a video made on opening night, when Jorge Garcia, Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse, and Zuleikha Robinson showed up:

It looks like they have a lot of cool stuff there. I’ll try to take some of my usual out-of-focus pictures.

Location and hours:

Vilcek Foundation
167 East 73rd Street (between Lexington and 3rd)
New York, NY

12 pm to 6 pm, Friday 6/4 and Saturday 6/5
Admission is free

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