Poll: What did you think of the LOST finale?

Jack, in the finale

Picture of Jack is a promo photo via lost-media.com. Click picture for larger version.

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6 responses to “Poll: What did you think of the LOST finale?

  1. The writers of lost pulled the old hollywood ending(for example wizard of oz, sixth sense,and Dallas) where it never really happend. I think they owed the fans more then what they gave them. Then the easy Disney ending way out. They didn’t need to explain anything because it never happened.That’s what I got out of the finale.

    • no it did happen……watch it agian and listen..

      • They died in the crash. Jack was dreaming or lost in limbo. It all came down to the light on the island was like the light at the end of the tunnel that some people refer to when you die.

  2. The ratings were horrible for a 6 year series finale, most polls show fans were disappointed with unanswered questions, that’s really all that needs to be said. They did a piss poor job this last season.

  3. Best tv series EVER, hands down!! Shame many people werent sharp enough to understand it.

  4. People who still WRONGLY claim “things Weren’t answered” really need to educate themselves.

    LOST = The greatest tv series ever created.

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