Lost University class videos — Egyptian hieroglyphics

Lost University HIS 101

Lost University HIS 101

I’ve been trying to find a way to watch the Lost University class videos without having to get a Blu-ray player. It didn’t seem possible. For a while, fans were posting them on YouTube, but Disney was pulling them down almost as fast as the fans could put them up.

But I just stumbled across a stash of the videos. I don’t know how long they will be available, so enjoy them while you can.

The two below are for the history class HIS 101 “Ancient Writing on the Wall,” which deals with Egyptian hieroglyphics (literally, “sacred script”) — the pictures we’ve seen so much of on the Island, that represent both ideas and sounds.

In the first class, Dr. Kara Cooney — Assistant Professor of Egyptian Art and Architecture at UCLA, LOST’s hieroglyphic consultant, museum curator, and major excavation team member — talks about Egyptian civilization, how hieroglyphics were used in temples and tombs, secret magical texts, and why these ancient artifacts must be preserved.

Link: HIS101Class1

In the second class, Eric Wells, Ph.D. student of Egyptology at UCLA, discusses the meaning of some common signs (symbols) that we may actually have seen in LOST, including the ankh and bird signs. He also talks about how to read hieroglyphs, and how the writing evolved.

Link: HIS101Class2

You can see more of the class videos here: Cypher80b’s Lost University videos.

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