The last ‘LOST Untangled’ of Season 5

Mandy asked:

Will there be any more “LOST: Untangled” posted here????

At the time Mandy asked the question, at the end of May, ABC hadn’t yet released the LOST Untangled for the finale episode (5×16-17 The Incident). They did release it soon after that, in early June, calling it the LOST Untangled Finale Event.

It’s good! It’s got music by the fan band Previously on Lost and a cute dancing statue.

If the video doesn’t work, you can see it on the ABC site.

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2 responses to “The last ‘LOST Untangled’ of Season 5

  1. I found the promo on Looks like the Untangled Finale will be posted June 3. Has anyone heard the rumor about it being a musical??? There’s some buzz about ABC teaming up with a fan band…please link if you know what’s up…

  2. Thanks for the tip, Horhay! Using that info, I was able to track this down:

    Previously on Lost, LOST Untangled, East Coast tour starts June 6th!

    The Worlds ONLY Genuine Recap Rock Band, PREVIOUSLY ON LOST, team up with the good folks at The Brooklyn Boys hit the road for a string of east coast dates

    if you missed their stellar performance or hysterical interview on NYC’s Souncheck, click here!

    After a year of building Recap Rock from the ground up, Previously On Lost have been hired by ABC to write a musical recap for the Season 5 Finale of Lost. Lost Untangled is ABC’s esteemed web series that recaps episodes of Lost comedic ally, using action figures. The folks behind Untangled called upon POL to write a recap for the finale and are filming the season finale of Untangled as a music video for the song.

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