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Promo for “666 Park Avenue,” Terry O’Quinn’s new show

Terry O’Quinn in “666 Park Avenue”

Terry O’Quinn (John Locke) is coming back to TV soon in a regular series role in the new show 666 Park Avenue, which debuts on Sunday, September 30, 2102 at 10 PM (same night as the Season 2 premiere of Once Upon a Time, which starts at 8).

It’s about a creepy New York City apartment building. Terry plays the owner of the building — and, from the promo, he appears to be the devil. It reminds me of Rosemary’s Baby, but it looks less scary. It could be fun.

Here’s the promo:

Michael Emerson on The New Man in Charge (the new LOST feature-ette)

Michael Emerson June 2010 talking abou The New Man in Charge

Michael Emerson, in a June 2010 meet-and-greet, talking about "The New Man in Charge"

A sneak peek is available for the much-anticipated special feature that will be in the Season 6 and Complete Collection DVD sets. The feature tells what happens to Hurley and Ben after they take over the job of guardians of the Island.

Ben in The New Man in Charge

Ben in "The New Man in Charge"

The entire video, which runs about 12 minutes, was leaked to YouTube earlier today, but the studio quickly pulled it down. The controversy that arose after the finale appears to be carrying over to the new feature-ette, which is said to answer some of the remaining unanswered questions, but leave others still hanging. One viewer, for example, who got a chance to see the whole video said, “After watching the full thing, I can tell you that it’s perfunctory and about tying up loose ends (although it still doesn’t manage to get them all).”

Damon Lindelof tweeted, “I’m so glad we made ‘The New Man in Charge.’ I was starting to miss getting yelled at.” That made the top tweet list, with over 100 retweets — presumably a lot more than 100, but 100 is where Twitter stops counting.

My feeling is that at this point, I’ve long since given up on ever getting any sense of resolution. Since I no longer have any expectations, I can’t be disappointed, at least when it comes to any lack of meaningful answers. I do think the opportunity to see Michael Emerson and Jorge Garcia reprise their roles will be a treat.

Here’s a clip of Michael Emerson, on a trip in June to his hometown in Iowa, casually sitting on the edge of a stage, talking about the feature, which, he says, he was “actually more excited to film than the finale.” Hmmm. I wonder if he is trying to tell us something. (The video clip was filmed by jshbckr, who also asked the question that Emerson is responding to):

As for the sneak peek itself, the embedding has been disabled, but you can watch it here: The New Man in Charge sneak peek.

Pre-order LOST: The Complete Collection on DVD or Blu-ray for 30% – 35% off. Pre-order the Season 6 set on DVD or Blu-ray for 37% to 40% off.

Teaser/promo video for LOST: The Complete Collection

Inner box in LOST: The Complete Collection

Inner box in LOST: The Complete Collection

It’s got a box within the box, a replica of the Island, the game (Senet) that Jacob played with the Boy in Black, an episode guide, a Black Rock journal entry, an ankh, a “black light torch to uncover clues,” and, of course, DVDs for all six seasons plus bonus material.

Music on the promo is by LOST composer Michael Giacchino:

Pre-order LOST: The Complete Collection on DVD or Blu-ray for 30% – 35% off.

Video via LostSeasonSix

Fan-made promos for the finale — don’t miss these!

This fan-made promo is very nicely done. It took 32 hours to make!

The same fan made another, shorter promo/teaser for the finale. I think it evokes the spirit of the Smoke Monster even better than anything that the show itself has done:

The videos were made by ttheblackbox who has made many other cool LOST-related videos as well.

Sneak peek # 2 for the LOST Finale

Here we’ve got Sawyer (looking very handsome, I must say), Flocke, Ben, a gun, and a well:

Sneak peek #1 for the LOST Finale

Here’s the first sneak peek for (gulp) the finale.

Oh, LOST, I don’t want you to be over!


Anyway, what we’ve got here is Jack, Sawyer, and a Biblical metaphor:

Promo for the Finale

Anyone know who is narrating this?

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