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The last official ABC LOST audio podcast

In the last (so sad!) official audio podcast, Damon and Carlton talk about listening to the scoring of the music for the finale, the polarized fan reaction to Across the Sea, “this is what answers look like,” “every question will lead to another question,” that they just did a DVD commentary for Across the Sea which will explain why they made the decisions they did for that episode, and the alternate endings that will be on the post-Finale Jimmy Kimmel show.

They say that they are done with the mythology — Across the Sea was the last of it. From now on, it’s going to be all about the characters. Damon said “Everyone you know and love is going to feature prominently in the next three-and-a-half hours of the show.”

Damon mentions how Across the Sea was a departure because it was about a bad Mommy when so much of the show before had been about bad Daddies. He says that one of their jokey titles for the episode had been “I’ll Just Sit Here in the Dark.” Ha!

They answer (and sometimes sidestep) viewer questions of varying seriousness: What did Locke say when he was unconscious in the sideways world? How could Jacob kill his brother if they were unable to hurt each other? (The answer was that he didn’t hurt him directly.) Did Smokey kill the author of “Bad Twin”? Is the water in the pool in the temple the same as the water in the cave that Jacob is protecting? Was the tortoise on the beach an incarnation of Vincent? Was the drawstring in the last episode an anachronism? Do Damon and Carlton secretly hate each other? What is their favorite podcast moment?

Great podcast, worth listening to: May 14, 2010 official audio podcast

A bit more on my theory, plus thoughts about 6×15, plus still unanswered questions

The Man in Black still doesn't have a name

Earlier this evening, before 6×15 Across the Sea came on, I took a look back at my Oedipus Lost theory.

How does it stand up after 6×15? (Warning: 6×15 spoilers ahead, so close your eyes if you haven’t seen the episode yet).

Like many other fans, I was right in thinking that Jacob and the MiB were brothers — twins, like the Biblical Jacob and Esau.

I was wrong in thinking that the Jacob-MiB saga would be rooted in patricide. This dysfunctional family had brother killing mother, and brother killing brother, but nobody killed a father because there were no fathers to be found.

I was right in originally thinking that Jacob was a prisoner, of sorts, of the Island, even though I later came to doubt that.

Well, enough about theories. Some random thoughts about the episode, along with some still-unanswered questions:

Amazing opening. When Mommy Dearest picked up the stone and attacked Birth Mother, I did not see that coming.

Quibble: Why was Mommy Dearest so surprised that there was a second baby? Did she not see Birth Mother’s belly?

Oh, and another quibble: Kid in Black said he didn’t know what death was, but then in the next scene he was running after a boar with a spear. What did he think he was going to do to the boar?

So Smokey will eventually inhabit his own dead body? Hmmm.

What gave Mommy Dearest, Jacob, and the MiB the ability to live so long? What gave Mommy Dearest the power to prevent Jacob and the MiB from hurting each other?

Who was the guardian of the light before Mommy Dearest?

If Mommy Dearest was the power behind Jacob and MiB, who was the power behind Mommy Dearest? Who started the chain of guardians of the light, and why?

And what is the light, anyway?

What was in that wine?

Who would have thought that Jacob could be so whiny and petulant! (“I don’t waaaaana guard the light.”)

Not sure how I feel about having the MiB revealed as a sympathetic character — not after what he did to Sun and Jin, and the 815 pilot, and the people in the Temple, and all the random strangers who got in his way.

How did the nice light turn him into such a mean monster?

When Mommy Dearest said “Thank you,” to the MiB, was she thanking him for killing her (thus ending the curse of immortality)?

The screenshot is from the Season 5 finale, from when the MiB asked Jacob, “Do you know how much I want to kill you?” Now we finally have some idea why he felt that way, and also why he needed a loophole.

Lost Untangled 6×15 Across the Sea

Puppet Dr. Chang and Knotty Mommy Hair:

It wasn’t Daddy issues. It was MOMMY issues!


That’s all I have to say.

Poll — What did you think of 6×15 Across the Sea?

Screenshot from opening scene of 6x15 Across the Sea

Sneak Peek #2 for 6×15 Across the Sea (slightly spoilerish)

This second sneak peek takes place on the Island. That’s strange, because usually ABC releases one sneak peek that takes place on the Island and the other that takes place in sideways Los Angeles. But this week, we’ve got two sneak peeks that are both on the Island.

Anyway, the sneak peek show a couple of children. I won’t say any more, so as not to spoil those who don’t want to be spoiled …

Sneak peek # 1 for 6×15 Across the Sea

Here’s the first sneak peek for Across the Sea. It’s on the Island, and it’s got — new characters! Wow, we’re almost at the end of the show, and it looks as if a whole new storyline is about to be introduced. Weird!

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