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LOST link round-up # 1

Round 'em up, ancient Egyptian cowboy!

It’s hard to believe, but we’re heading into the final week of LOST. So exciting and so sad.

The approaching end of LOST has unleashed a torrent of creativity around the internet. Such an excess of riches, and too much to describe everything in individual posts. I’m just going to start posting lists of links to interesting things, as I come across them:

Composer Michael Giacchino was honored in UCLA last night, May 13. The LOST folks at the event taped short tributes to him. They also said a few words about how they felt about the show ending.

Some of these videos have just been posted, so you can be among the first to watch. The videos feature Jorge Garcia (Hurley, still alive despite his red shirt), Michael Emerson (be still my heart) (Ben, who found redemption at last), Daniel Dae Kim (Jin, and fie on the producers for killing him off), L. Scott Caldwell (Rose, who is not Eve after all), Damon and Carlton (who I suppose can still be my boyfriends even though they killed off Sun & Jin right after they got back together), Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert, who can ride a horse and is not a vampire), Harold Perrineau (Michaaaaaaaael, last spotted whispering in the jungle), and Sonya Walger (Penny: will she return with her boat for the finale?)

There is also a long profile of Michael Giacchino in the current (May 17) print issue of The New Yorker (only an abstract is available online to non-subscribers).

What if LOST ended like The Sopranos? Or like Saturday Night Live? has imagined the last 10 seconds of LOST, if it were to end like eleven other television shows.

It turns out that Previously on Lost is not the only recap band. There’s another (called, appropriately, The Others), and the ultra-talented Sophie made a video to go along with their song about the Jack-centric episode, The Lighthouse.

More to come.

Picture at the top of the post, which is via Wikipedia, is from a carving at the temple of Seti I in Abydos, Egypt, and shows the Pharaoh ready to lasso a sacred bull.

Official LOST video podcast featuring Emilie de Ravin (Claire)

For some reason there were three official video podcasts this week.

In this one, Emilie de Ravin talks about why she enjoys playing Feral Claire, and what she would like to do with the squirrel baby.

The other two podcasts are in the next post.

Official LOST Video podcast, featuring Jorge Garcia

Jorge Garcia talks a bit about “The Lighthouse,” and we see some clips of Hurley’s greatest moments from the episode.

Also, Jorge has a theory about Adam and Eve (the skeletons).

LOST Untangled 6×05 Lighthouse

The puppet Dr. Chang is back to untangle an episode that actually wasn’t all that tangled up to begin with. It may have been one of the most straightforward episodes yet.

What did you think of 6×05 “Lighthouse”? (poll)

Official audio podcast — rehash of “The Substitute” and brief prehash of “Lighthouse”

Damon and Carlton

Damon and Carlton

Some highlights of the podcast:

They talk about how people are having a hard time deciding what to call Locke now. The Locke-ness Monster? Smocke? unLocke? They actually had a debate about this in the writers’ room — and they just call him Locke.

They say that the revelation in the last episode, about how the numbers correspond to some of the LOSTies, is a good example of how they hope to point out connections and have us understand a little about the significance of things, but that it would be impossible for them to explain the numbers completely. They won’t, for example, be able to say why they’re using these particular numbers. (Alas!) However, we will be seeing more about the numbers soon.

They talk about the way the characters are running into each other and sometimes helping each other in the flash sideways. They really liked the way Locke was helped by Hurley and Rose. As far as the significance of the flash sideway? That remains to be determined.

The title “Lighthouse” may have multiple meanings.

Carlton says that Claire is one of his favorite characters this season, and that she has “some cool stuff coming up.”

From the questions:

They confirmed that the date on Claire’s ultrasound (October 22, 2004, a month after Flight 815’s arrival) was actually a prop error.

You can hear the whole podcast on the ABC site or iTunes (it’s the one dated February 22).

Screencap of Damon and Carlton from the last video podcast

Canadian promo for LOST 6×05 Lighthouse

This promo, which has footage from the upcoming episode, is very similar to a promo shown in the U.S. that I already posted. But where the U.S. version puts up several screens of writing, the Canadian version goes straight through — so you can see a bit more of the episode footage.

Via ElDiegoar

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