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Aboard Oceanic 815 — Season 1 and Season 6 versions side-by-side

This fan-made video got an enthusiastic thumbs up from Damon Lindelof, who tweeted, “Person who made this? You complete me.”

It shows the scene with Jack and Rose on flight 815, with the Season 1 flashback version on the left side of the screen, and the season 6 sideways version on the right:

It’s by Neil Pomerleau

Official video podcast: Good versus evil

In this video podcast, Damon, Carlton, Matthew Fox (Jack), Terry O’Quinn (Locke and notLocke), Jorge Garcia (Hurley), and Josh Holloway (Sawyer) talk about the sideways flashes and about some of the large questions of the season.

The most interesting things said on the video:

On the timelines

Carlton said the two timelines are related, and the way in which they are related is one of the big mysteries of this season.

On good versus evil

Damon said that it’s all about good versus evil, and we will have to decide if Jacob is the good guy and the Man in Black the bad guy, or if they have done a “switcheroo.” Both Jacob and the MiB are going to get a chance to make their case.

Carlton echoed that it comes down to good versus evil.

My theory had been that the show wasn’t going to draw clear lines between good characters and evil characters, but instead show something more ambiguous, with characters who were neither totally good nor totally bad, but instead a mixture of both. Going from what Darlton said here, it appears that may not be the case.

We shall see.

The Official LOST Audio Podcast — rehash “LA X” and prehash “What Kate Does”

Damon and Carlton

First audio podcast of the season. Damon and Carlton discuss:

— The space in the title “LA-space-X.” They’re not telling us what it means.

— What are the flash sideways? They’re not telling us what they mean either. Hah.

— Why they are not calling the flash sideways “alternate realties.” Or Bizarro World, for that matter.

— What are we to make of the differences between what happened on the plane in the flash sideways, and what happened when we originally saw it in the flashbacks?

They sort of answered this one! Detonating a bomb might have created changes other than the ones that Faraday anticipated. After all, if stepping on a butterfly can cause all sorts of unanticipated effects, then dropping a nuclear bomb on that butterfly could cause even more.

— Why does Jack seem to recognize Desmond on the plane? Was Sun lying when she said she didn’t know English? Carlton says he doesn’t know. 😉

Oh, here’s something very interesting –> Damon says:

You think that not that many things have changed, but a lot more things have changed than you probably think. And that’s going to be the exploration of the season.


Then they do a tiny bit of prehashing of 6×03 “What Kate Does”:

— The episode title corresponds to a previous one, What Kate Did (2×09).

And they answer fan questions. You can send your own to

You can listen to the whole podcast here: LOST Podcasts (it’s the one dated Feb. 4, 2010), or on iTunes.

LOST recaps

While I reserve the right to change my mind, I’m probably not going to be doing recaps this year. For one thing, my life is going to be chaotic for a while. I’m going to be moving back (and forth? and back?) across the country. But even if I had the time, I would still feel like I was reinventing the wheel — there are already so many great recaps out there, many of them much better than what I could do. Just to mention a couple for now:

One that I stumbled across for the first time this evening is by Lula on the blog Sussing Out LOST. Her recap of the first part of “LA X” (the second part is still to come) hits all the important points of the episode, catches details I had missed (Arzt and Frogurt were both on the plane) as well as subtle points I never would have caught in a million years (A character named Bram — as in Bram Stoker, author of Dracula — was killed with a stake through the heart!). Best of all, the recap is hilarious and made me laugh all the way through: Lula’s LA X recap.

My all-time favorite recapper is Fishbiscuit, who posts on her own blog, Fishbiscuitland, and also on DocArzt’s. Her recaps are brilliant, combining a keen eye for pattern and detail, amazing analysis, discussions of philosophy, science, and literature, which open up the episodes and tie them to the larger world of ideas, and a refreshing feminist perspective which I don’t think I’ve seen in any other discussion of LOST: Fishbiscuit’s recap of LA X.

There are many more fantastic LOST recappers, and I’ll be pointing to more of them as the season goes on.

Lost Untangled 6×01-02 “LA X”

Lost Untangled is back, now with a cute new Dr. Chang puppet. Enjoy!

Hitler gets frustrated by the LOST Season 6 Premiere

Remember the spoof video, Hitler gets angry over LOST Season 5 Finale?

Well, now Hitler is back, and this time he is frustrated by the Season 6 premiere. He doesn’t want to wait for answers. He says:

Track down the writers and torture them till they tell you how it ends.

These LOST Hitler videos, by the way, are part of a much larger group of parody videos all based on the same footage from the movie Downfall.

Video by TwistedMindzComedy

No time travel? Hmmm ….

Kate and Claire in cab

In interviews last year, Darlton repeatedly said that there would be no time travel in Season 6.

Yet we just saw the LOST-ies move not only sideways, but also backwards in time to Flight 815. The Dharma LOST-ies also moved forward in time, up to the present.

If that’s not time travel, what is it?

Maybe what Darlton meant is that there wouldn’t be any more time travel. I guess technically the LOST-ies moved foward, sideways, and back during the last second of Season 5, during the white flash. Which would mean they were already in their new timelines by the time Season 6 began. So unless Darlton are totally (as opposed to only somewhat) pulling our legs, perhaps we can expect that the LOST-ies won’t be moving out of the new timelines where they’ve already landed.

But does that mean they will be stuck in dual timelines forever?

My head hurts. I need Hurley to explain this all to me. 😉

Screencap of Kate and Claire in cab from

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