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Behind the scenes of 5×14 The Variable

Here’s a glimpse at the making of the 100th episode, The Variable.

There are more people than I realized working behind the scenes. Check out the last part of the video, where they’re having a production meeting, and there are so many people crammed into the room that they have to set up rows of folding chairs.

This video is another sneak peek from the Season 5 DVD set, courtesy of Buena Vista Home Entertainment. ©ABC Studios

Deleted scene from 5×09 Namaste, with Juliet and Miles

Juliet is looking for Sawyer. She asks Miles, down in the security office, if he’s seen him. Miles turns on the video monitors, and there, in black-and-white, they see — The Visitors! Oh no! Lizard people! Run!

I keeed, I keeed. Just watch:

The video clip is a sneak peek from the Season 5 DVD set, courtesy of Buena Vista Home Entertainment. ©ABC Studios

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Behind the scenes at ‘The Variable’ gunfight

This is the third sneak peek from the Season 5 DVD.

It’s a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the Jack-Kate-Faraday-Radzinsky shoot-out scene in 5×14 The Variable.

Jeremey Davies (Faraday) says

I’m not a fan of weapons. I’m not a fan of gunfire. I’d rather watch Evie shoot a gun, or hand her my gun. I’m glad that they didn’t have me suddenly turn into Action Figure Faraday … although I would like to see that.

He’s so adorable.

Damon asks, “What if Oceanic 815 never crashed?”

Here’s another sneak peek from the Season 5 DVDs. It’s about Daniel Faraday, the Jughead bomb, time travel, and other Season 5 themes and concerns.

Listen, at the very end of the clip, where Damon Lindelof says:

We wanted to flirt with the idea of the erase button, of the do over. We thought this was a really cool place to bring the finale, which is, what if Oceanic 815 never crashed?

How much of a hint is that to what’s going to happen in Season 6?

Is it a hint that Season 6 really is going to be about an alternate timeline where Oceanic 815 will land intact in Los Angeles, as many fans already believe?

Or is this a bit of misdirection, to divert us from the writers’ actual plans, so that come next season, we will be surprised? When Damon says they wanted “to flirt” with the questions of Oceanic 815 never crashing, does he mean the kind of flirtation that will never be consummated?

Deleted scene from 5×09 Namaste

In this short out-take, Christian Shephard breaks into the barracks. For a dead guy, he’s good with an axe!

More of these deleted scenes will be available on the Season 5 DVD, and I’ll also be posting more of them here in the coming weeks.

Video Courtesy of Buena Vista Home Entertainment. ©ABC Studios

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