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Evangeline Lilly talks about her character, Kate

Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly

Lilly talks about Kate’s giving up Aaron, and about the love quadrangle, in these two official video podcasts.

In the first podcast, Evangeline talks about how Kate finally came to accept that keeping Aaron would be morally wrong. The podcast includes short clips of Kate’s scenes with Cassidy and with Carole Littleton (Claire’s mother) from 5×11 Whatever Happened, Happened.

The second podcast is about Jack versus Sawyer. Evangeline has a great line: “I feel that any audience member who is what they call a Jate-er, a Jack and Kate fan, has got to be living a life of perpetual frustration.”

Not only is the bit about “perpetual frustration” funny in itself, but I love that Evangeline uses the term “Jate-er,” which is a fan term. There is a something very nice about the interaction between the show and the fans, which couldn’t have happened, at least not to the same degree, in the days before the internet.

(The first podcast was released April 9, 2009, and the second April 23, 2009. There was no podcast during the week of the clip/recap show.)

Evangeline Lilly promo photo (c) ABC

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