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Deleted scene from 5×09 Namaste, with Juliet and Miles

Juliet is looking for Sawyer. She asks Miles, down in the security office, if he’s seen him. Miles turns on the video monitors, and there, in black-and-white, they see — The Visitors! Oh no! Lizard people! Run!

I keeed, I keeed. Just watch:

The video clip is a sneak peek from the Season 5 DVD set, courtesy of Buena Vista Home Entertainment. ©ABC Studios

Deleted scene from 5×09 Namaste

In this short out-take, Christian Shephard breaks into the barracks. For a dead guy, he’s good with an axe!

More of these deleted scenes will be available on the Season 5 DVD, and I’ll also be posting more of them here in the coming weeks.

Video Courtesy of Buena Vista Home Entertainment. ©ABC Studios

Questions about 5×10 He’s Our You

I received some questions from long-time reader Fazel from Amsterdam, who recently finished watching Episode 5×10 He’s Our You.

I was watching ep 5×10 (Sayid-centric) last week and I think I noticed some screw-ups in the script. But I want to run it by you, the Lost expert, first.

Sayid reacts to kid-Ben when he first introduced himself and then later on tells someone (Sawyer?) that he had met a kid-Ben in 1974(?). Now, tell me this… How the hell could he know that? Let alone even believe such a thing (he hadn’t seen the same evidence as the other Losties, thus his convincing was poor). The guy was separated from the other Losties, he was never on their journey of information and discovery. In fact, did he even participate in the meet of Hawkins? Didn’t he leave before they all went inside to meet her?

Had anyone even briefed him about time traveling and 1974? The first thing that seemed to have happened to him when crashed (he was there on his own and not on the plan of returning, thus makes him poorly informed) was being captured by Jin and Radzinsky. Their hadn’t been an opportunity to bring him up to speed up to that point, but yet he seemed very updated and convinced of these revelations (despite seeing little proof of it).

What do you say? =)

I was looking on YouTube for a clip of the scene where Jin saw Sayid in the jungle — and I saw that Disney recently pulled most of the clips for that episode off of YouTube! Boo! I hope that doesn’t leave too many holes in the archives of this blog and all the other LOST blogs, because we’ve all relied heavily in the past on embedding those clips.

Anyway there are just a few little clip-lets left. Here is where Jin sees Sayid in the jungle (this is from 5×09 Namaste):

The clip ends right at the point where Jin and Sayid recognize each other, so it doesn’t show how long they were alone together before Radzinsky shows up. As I remember it, though, they didn’t have very much time.

Even if there wasn’t enough time for Jin to say anything to Sayid, I think Sayid would figure it out. He must have thought that Jin had died in the freighter explosion. Yet there was Jin, alive, and wearing a Dharma jumpsuit!

In this next clip-let, Sawyer, Jin, and Radzinsky are bringing Sayid back to Dharmaville. Sayid sees Kate, Jack, and Hurley, who he last saw on Flight 316 — and they too are wearing Dharma jumpsuits! So he must just put two and two together to figure out that he is in the past. And as soon as Little Ben says his name, a lightbulb must have gone off in Sayid’s head.

Yet another inquiry. In the same ep as above, Sayid tells Dharma: “I know about, the hatch, swan, ‘the incident…’” etc. Now, I know that the season finale is named that and is about that, but I wondered where he got that information from. All the things he said, we the viewer had seen them too with Sayid. But the incident? When was this brought to Sayid’s attention?

I appreciate if you enlightened me without spoiling the finale

That’s another great scene whose clip I had linked to earlier that is now gone from YouTube (grumble grumble). Only this little clip-let remains:

I think that when Sayid said “the incident,” he was not seeing the future, not seeing “the incident” that will be shown in the Finale. I would guess he meant either (1) The “purge” that wiped out the Dharma Initiative (did the Losties learn about this from Ben??) or (2) What happened when Desmond turned the key at the end of Season 2.

I envy you not having seen the Finale yet, because you have a big treat to look forward to!

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