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‘Previously on Lost’ band playing tonight (Tuesday, July 21, 2009) in New York City

Dancing statue in the Lost Untangled video

Dancing statue in the Lost Untangled video

Remember the “Previously on Lost” band that played on the Season 5 Finale LOST Untangled video?

They’re going to be in New York tonight, playing at the Mercury Lounge in lower Manhattan, where they will be performing their Season 5 Finale recap song live for the first time. Also appearing are the headline act Malajube — a French-Canadian indie rock band — and two other bands. Only $10! 21+

Here’s a clip of the band in a concert they did last year at the Knitting Factory in NY, singing a catchy recap of The Constant:

And here’s the Season 5 Finale LOST Untangled video:

You can listen to more of Previously on Lost’s songs on their MySpace page.

Concert clip from WeArePOL

Amazing sneak peeks of 5×14 The Variable, which will air tonight April 29, 2009

Jeremy Davies as Daniel Faraday

Jeremy Davies as Daniel Faraday

The Variable, LOST’s 100th episode, is going to focus on Daniel Faraday, showing his flashbacks for the first time.

In the April 23, 2009 official audio podcast, Damon and Carlton confirm (as I had guessed in an earlier post) that the title “The Variable” is a reference to “The Constant” from last season, and there is indeed a connection between the two episodes — in an interview, Damon calls the new episode a “companion piece” to the previous one.

We will also see Desmond tonight, and find out if he survived being shot by Ben.

In the podcast, Damon and Carlton say they think The Variable came out as one of the best episodes of the season, and they’re excited to see what we think of it.

Here are three great clips from the episode, courtesy of DarkUFO. Don’t watch if you want to remain completely unspoiled! Otherwise … enjoy!

Sawyer and Juliet:

Faraday, Jack, and Miles. Wow. This clip literally gave me chills! –>

Faraday and Dr. Chang:

This episode looks like it’s going to be AMAZING.

Promos for 5×14 The Variable

The next episode is called The Variable. The title must be meant as a nod to The Constant, the title of the 4th Season episode where Desmond visited Faraday in Oxford, in 1996, and watched Faraday send his lab mouse “Eloise” on a fatal trip through time.

Here are a couple of very short trailers:

This one ran after Some Like it Hoth. The part for The Variable starts at 0:17

Here’s the 10-second promo that ran after the clip show:

And here is a slideshow of promo photos from the episode, showing our Lostie friends in their Dharma outfits (may be very slightly spoiler-ish):

The Variable will air on Wednesday, April 29, 2009, at 9:00 pm to 10:02 pm (an hour earlier Central).

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