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To set this up, I had to reroute all the feeds. Hopefully (knock on wood), this will not have any effect on existing RSS subscriptions. But if you have any problems with your subscription, please let me know.

This is something I’ve been wanting to offer for a while, but I’m not super technologically proficient, so it got left on the back burner. Now I just have to figure out how to put a miniature email icon up in the top menu bar…

POLL: How did “The Substitute” compare to earlier Season 6 episodes?

What did you think of tonight’s episode “The Substitute”? How did it compare to “What Kate Does” (last week’s episode) and “LA X” (the Season 6 premiere)?

Question mark icon from Univ. of Wisconsin’s website

Sneak peeks of 6×03 “What Kate Does”

Here are two official ABC sneak peeks of the next episode, airing February 9 in the U.S. and Canada. They are spoilers, of course, but it doesn’t look like they are giving away any crucial plot points or surprises (provided you’ve already seen “LA X”).

Kate and Claire:

At the temple:

Family emergency

Will be back later.

Will be back soon

LOST does it. Glee does it. V does it. FlashForward does it. They all, alas, go on hiatus. Now I’m going to go on a hiatus too — but only for about a week.

If you are looking for the post Doc Jensen mentioned, the one discussing the chess-themed Cuatro promo and poem, that’s here: Author of the chessboard poem in the Spanish LOST promo

If you would like to do some shopping, take a look at my gift lists.

Otherwise, I leave you with a poll:

People love LOST all over the world

Recent visitors to this blog

Recent visitors to this blog

I thought this map from my stats program, which shows where recent readers came from, was interesting. Even though there are some big blank spots on the map, the geographical distribution of readers is much greater than I had expected when I first started blogging.

Fun facts: Lost is syndicated worldwide and has been sold to over 210 territories. It is, amazingly, the second most popular TV show in the world (after the CSI series of shows). Source: Lostpedia

A note to anyone following both blogs

As of right now, they stopped paying me for my posts on my network blog, so I’m going to be posting all my new posts over here. I think it’s for the best, because I don’t really have time to keep up two blogs, and it was getting confusing trying to divvy up posts between the two in a way that made some sense. Truth is, I was trying to hedge my bets …

Now it’s time to take the leap, for real.


Photo (c) Penelope Berger

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