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LOST ending kills Kermit

Ha, ha, ha I know just how he feels.

I just found this, but it must have been shown shortly before the finale aired (ah, back in my days of innocence), as a teaser.

And speaking of videos that I missed, here’s the last of the official video podcasts, also from shortly before the finale aired, which has various writers and producers talking about how they feel about the show being over:

LOST Link Round-up # 2

More quick takes on cool LOST-related stuff:

Josh Holloway (Sawyer) by Tom Richmond (click to see the original)

Tom Richmond, the MAD Magazine artist who has been doing fantastic caricatures of the LOST stars, has added four new ones since the last time I posted about them: Josh Holloway (Sawyer), Yunjin Kim (Sun), Mitchell (Juliet), and Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert). I love these sketches. When I see the MAD style, I’m hit by a wave of nostalgia for my misspent MAD-Magazine-reading childhood. Combine that with my current obsession, LOST, and the effect is mesmerizing. See the whole collection at: Tom Richmond’s Sketch O’ The Week.

Musician Marilyn Manson is also a painter. Who knew? He painted a deliciously creepy portrait of Locke: See Marilyn Manson’s Cool ‘Lost’ Painting.

This week’s official video podcast goes behind the scenes to ask some of the show’s writers, producers, and editors “If Damon and Carlton were the Man in Black and Jacob, which side would you choose?” Damon himself says he’s most like Jacob, because Jacob is passive-aggressive and moody. It’s a cute video, and it’s nice to see some of the faces of the people who work on the show who are usually invisible to us. Official video podcast, May 14, 2010

Official video podcast — Prop Master Rob Kyker, part 2

The Prop Master is back, showing off more cool items, including Claire’s squirrel baby and Jacob’s wine bottle.

The video also adds comic-book-style dialogue bubbles to clips from the show, for no apparent reason, other than, perhaps, end-of-the-show giddiness. Whatever the reason, the comic-book styling is cute:

Official video podcast — tour of the sets

Executive Producer Jean Higgins, who I don’t think we’ve seen before in a podcast or panel discussion, takes us on a tour of some of the indoor sets — the police station where sideways Sawyer and Miles work, Jack’s hospital, and Widmore’s submarine:

Official video podcast — behind the scenes with the prop master

Rob Kyker, the prop master on LOST, shows off some cool props that were used earlier this season: the ankh in Hurley’s guitar case, the hour glass in the Temple’s pool-of-doom room, the scale with the black and white rocks in Flocke’s cave, Sawyer’s bottle of Dharma whiskey, and Jacob’s spinning wheel.

Official ABC Podcasts

I’ve been catching up on some of the official podcasts —

March 25 audio podcast

Darlton, punchy after having just finished writing a draft of the finale, rehashed Ab Aeterno, prehashed The Package, considered the possibility that Flocke was not evil — and revealed the title of the finale — on the March 25, 2010 audio podcast.

March 30 video podcast

In this short video podcast, Darlton answered a fan question about whether the fish that Jacob was cooking in the Season 5 finale, The Incident, was, ahem, a red herring.

I love the idea that it was a kind of visual pun, and in fact, someone left a comment on this blog back in September putting forth the “red herring” idea — an idea I found really funny at the time and still do. Alas, in this podcast, Darlton deny that was their intent. But the whole podcast is so jokey, I don’t know if they can really be believed:

April 1 audio podcast

Darlton briefly rehashed The Package, talked about who might win in a Flocke-Widmore showdown, prehashed Happily After Ever, and answered questions about Richard Alpert’s hair, the squirrel baby, and, of all things, grammar. April 1, 2010 audio podcast

April 8 video podcast

In this video podcast, Nestor Carbonell gave a tour of the set of the Black Rock. He talked about how they filmed the scenes there in Ab Aeterno — how they created the illusion of the smoke monster, and how they got the boar, who wasn’t hungry, to gnaw on a body (don’t worry, it was just a dummy). Very interesting!

Illustration of old microphone by Peter Suneson

Official video podcast, featuring Michael Emerson

Michael Emerson talks about Ben’s flash-sideways in Dr. Linus, accompanied by great clips from that episode.

Emerson expresses perfectly what it is about the flash-sidways scenes that is so intriguing:

It kind of gets you in the heart, I think, to think that had our lives been just a little different, as a result, so many things would have changed, and how easy it would have been to just have simple happinesses and not be on the front lines of some cataclysmic battle between good and evil.

The video also has a clip of part of the memorable scene where Ben confesses to Ilana, and she forgives him. and it contains more of Emerson’s insightful comments about his character.

A must-see for Michael Emerson fans.

If the video above doesn’t work, you can watch it here: Video podcast with Michael Emerson

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