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The last official ABC LOST audio podcast

In the last (so sad!) official audio podcast, Damon and Carlton talk about listening to the scoring of the music for the finale, the polarized fan reaction to Across the Sea, “this is what answers look like,” “every question will lead to another question,” that they just did a DVD commentary for Across the Sea which will explain why they made the decisions they did for that episode, and the alternate endings that will be on the post-Finale Jimmy Kimmel show.

They say that they are done with the mythology — Across the Sea was the last of it. From now on, it’s going to be all about the characters. Damon said “Everyone you know and love is going to feature prominently in the next three-and-a-half hours of the show.”

Damon mentions how Across the Sea was a departure because it was about a bad Mommy when so much of the show before had been about bad Daddies. He says that one of their jokey titles for the episode had been “I’ll Just Sit Here in the Dark.” Ha!

They answer (and sometimes sidestep) viewer questions of varying seriousness: What did Locke say when he was unconscious in the sideways world? How could Jacob kill his brother if they were unable to hurt each other? (The answer was that he didn’t hurt him directly.) Did Smokey kill the author of “Bad Twin”? Is the water in the pool in the temple the same as the water in the cave that Jacob is protecting? Was the tortoise on the beach an incarnation of Vincent? Was the drawstring in the last episode an anachronism? Do Damon and Carlton secretly hate each other? What is their favorite podcast moment?

Great podcast, worth listening to: May 14, 2010 official audio podcast

Official ABC Podcasts

I’ve been catching up on some of the official podcasts —

March 25 audio podcast

Darlton, punchy after having just finished writing a draft of the finale, rehashed Ab Aeterno, prehashed The Package, considered the possibility that Flocke was not evil — and revealed the title of the finale — on the March 25, 2010 audio podcast.

March 30 video podcast

In this short video podcast, Darlton answered a fan question about whether the fish that Jacob was cooking in the Season 5 finale, The Incident, was, ahem, a red herring.

I love the idea that it was a kind of visual pun, and in fact, someone left a comment on this blog back in September putting forth the “red herring” idea — an idea I found really funny at the time and still do. Alas, in this podcast, Darlton deny that was their intent. But the whole podcast is so jokey, I don’t know if they can really be believed:

April 1 audio podcast

Darlton briefly rehashed The Package, talked about who might win in a Flocke-Widmore showdown, prehashed Happily After Ever, and answered questions about Richard Alpert’s hair, the squirrel baby, and, of all things, grammar. April 1, 2010 audio podcast

April 8 video podcast

In this video podcast, Nestor Carbonell gave a tour of the set of the Black Rock. He talked about how they filmed the scenes there in Ab Aeterno — how they created the illusion of the smoke monster, and how they got the boar, who wasn’t hungry, to gnaw on a body (don’t worry, it was just a dummy). Very interesting!

Illustration of old microphone by Peter Suneson

Official Podcasts — Recon, Dr. Linus, and Sundown

Josh Holloway in the "Making of" the Cool Water cologne videoCatching up on some of the ABC podcasts:

In this week’s video podcast, Josh Holloway talks about what is was like to play sideways Sawyer in Recon. He also talks about how the actors, when the show first started, never imagined it would be so successful.

And speaking of Josh Holloway, ABC also put out a promo full of clips of Sawyer, set to music:

Damon and CarltonIn last week’s audo podcast, Damon and Carlton talked about Sundown, raising the questions of whether Sayid was good or evil, and whether Dogen deserved what he got.

They talked about Dr. Linus, which Damon said was one of their favorite episodes of the season, if not the entire series.

They revealed something interesting about the episode title Recon: that it had a double meaning. It meant reconnaissance, but it also meant re-con, as in to con again.

They said that LOST: The Zombie Season will not be a Broadway musical, alas.

On a serious note, they said that the Man in Black may have gotten stuck in Locke’s form because that was the form he was in at the time that Jacob died.

Finally, Carlton got stymied by a viewer question about lactation.

This was the March 11, 2010 podcast, which you can find on the ABC site.

Official audio podcast — rehash of “The Substitute” and brief prehash of “Lighthouse”

Damon and Carlton

Damon and Carlton

Some highlights of the podcast:

They talk about how people are having a hard time deciding what to call Locke now. The Locke-ness Monster? Smocke? unLocke? They actually had a debate about this in the writers’ room — and they just call him Locke.

They say that the revelation in the last episode, about how the numbers correspond to some of the LOSTies, is a good example of how they hope to point out connections and have us understand a little about the significance of things, but that it would be impossible for them to explain the numbers completely. They won’t, for example, be able to say why they’re using these particular numbers. (Alas!) However, we will be seeing more about the numbers soon.

They talk about the way the characters are running into each other and sometimes helping each other in the flash sideways. They really liked the way Locke was helped by Hurley and Rose. As far as the significance of the flash sideway? That remains to be determined.

The title “Lighthouse” may have multiple meanings.

Carlton says that Claire is one of his favorite characters this season, and that she has “some cool stuff coming up.”

From the questions:

They confirmed that the date on Claire’s ultrasound (October 22, 2004, a month after Flight 815’s arrival) was actually a prop error.

You can hear the whole podcast on the ABC site or iTunes (it’s the one dated February 22).

Screencap of Damon and Carlton from the last video podcast

The Official LOST Audio Podcast — rehash “LA X” and prehash “What Kate Does”

Damon and Carlton

First audio podcast of the season. Damon and Carlton discuss:

— The space in the title “LA-space-X.” They’re not telling us what it means.

— What are the flash sideways? They’re not telling us what they mean either. Hah.

— Why they are not calling the flash sideways “alternate realties.” Or Bizarro World, for that matter.

— What are we to make of the differences between what happened on the plane in the flash sideways, and what happened when we originally saw it in the flashbacks?

They sort of answered this one! Detonating a bomb might have created changes other than the ones that Faraday anticipated. After all, if stepping on a butterfly can cause all sorts of unanticipated effects, then dropping a nuclear bomb on that butterfly could cause even more.

— Why does Jack seem to recognize Desmond on the plane? Was Sun lying when she said she didn’t know English? Carlton says he doesn’t know. 😉

Oh, here’s something very interesting –> Damon says:

You think that not that many things have changed, but a lot more things have changed than you probably think. And that’s going to be the exploration of the season.


Then they do a tiny bit of prehashing of 6×03 “What Kate Does”:

— The episode title corresponds to a previous one, What Kate Did (2×09).

And they answer fan questions. You can send your own to

You can listen to the whole podcast here: LOST Podcasts (it’s the one dated Feb. 4, 2010), or on iTunes.

Michael Emerson talking about “The Incident”

Ben, to Jacob: "What about me?"

Ben, to Jacob: "What about me?"

I’m still thinking about The Incident.

The last official audio podcast of Season 5, released May 16, 2009, has an entertaining interview with Michael Emerson. He made me laugh again because he appeared to be as amazed by the episode as we were.  He said when he first read the script and saw he would be killing Jacob, he was shocked.

Emerson and his interviewer also talked about the first scene, the one with Jacob and the unamed man I like to call Esau.  The interviewer said that Jacob wearing white and the other man wearing black was a return to the theme of black and white that has appeared in the show before, but that he thought it didn’t necessarily mean that Jacob was good and the other man bad.

Emerson emphatically agreed, and he said, “Our show delights in thwarting those equations.”

I agree also. I’ve seen a lot of theories online that posit that Jacob represents the forces of good, and Esau the forces of evil, and they will have an epic confrontation in Season 6. But I don’t think that’s where the writers are going. At least I hope not.

Emerson also talked about his plans for the summer (now over, alas!). He said he likes to be with his wife Carrie in New York during the summers. They have an enforced separation while LOST is shooting, “so I just like to follow her around during the summer. I like to hold her coat, and fetch her drinks, and be her personal assistant as much as I can.” So sweet! I hope he got a chance to do just that.

He also mentioned he had just finished shooting the character of a radical fundamentalist Puritan in a show for PBS. That should be interesting!

There’s a lot more in the podcast, which is available in the ABC archives:  Official audio podcast of 5/16/09

Damon and Carlton rehash and prehash — and explain, sort of, the compass

"Locke's compass is in an infinite mobius loop" -- Damon and Carlton

"Locke's compass is in an infinite mobius loop" -- Damon and Carlton

The May 11, 2009 official audio podcast, a good one that I recommend listening to in its entirety if you have time, is Damon and Carlton’s last for Season 5. Michael Emerson, though, will be doing the podcast next week to rehash the Finale.

On the podcast, Damon and Carlton rehash Follow the Leader, talking about how Locke emerged as a strong and compelling guy in tune with the Island, much to the consternation of Ben and Richard Alpert, and how Jack had finally found his mission, after weeks of mopping floors and erasing chalkboards, although he hasn’t been able to attract many followers.

As for the finale, they say we will get a substantial piece of information, and that by the end of the premiere of Season 6, we will have enough information to be able to come up with some theories about how it will all end.

In response to a question about the compass — the one that Locke gave to Alpert and Alpert gave to Locke — they say that what they have done with the compass was intentional in terms of the broader themes of the show. The compass is a puzzle that really has no solution. It is purposefully perplexing — it has no origin! It is in an infinite Mobius loop.

They say they believe there is a large portion of mystery and magic in the world, and it is not their intention to demystify the world of LOST by overexplaining things.

Damon and Carlton’s next talk will be at Comic-Con — their final appearance there.

Photo of Mobius strip by David Benbennick, via Wikipedia, GNU FDL

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