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LOST Untangled finale 6×17-18 “The End”

This last “LOST Untangled” is much more a retrospective of the entire series than an untangling of the finale itself.

That’s too bad, because the finale was the one episode that I really needed to have untangled, the one episode that left me baffled.

Maybe they didn’t untangle it because they couldn’t, because they didn’t understand it themselves.

(What, me bitter? 😉 )

Anyway, this has music by the “Previously on Lost” recap band, lots of clips of iconic moments from all six years of the show, but alas, no dancing statue this time.

Be sure to watch it past the end of the credits, where there is a moment that is vey funny (for those who’ve been watching the “Untangled” videos all along.)

LOST Untangled 6×16 What They Died For

Puppet Dr. Chang, soon to be out of a job as an untangler, untangles the penultimate episode of LOST:

Lost Untangled 6×15 Across the Sea

Puppet Dr. Chang and Knotty Mommy Hair:

Lost Untangled 6×14 The Candidate

I was worried about this Lost Untangled, afraid they would try to make a joke out of the very sad event — but it was okay, they handled it well.

Puppet Dr. Chang channels John Locke in a rap music video — hilarious and brilliant

You have to watch this:

This has got to be the best thing that the “Lost Untangled” crew has ever done, with the possible exception of the Season 5 Untangled Finale Event — which is where the dancing statue seen in the video above originated. The music for both videos was done by the same group, the recap band Previously on Lost.

Lost Untangled 6×13 The Last Recruit

I think these are getting funnier each week, becoming less about untangling and more about being goofy:

Puppet Dr. Chang wearing Sawyer's pecs

LOST Untangled 5×12 Everybody Loves Hugo

Puppet Dr. Chang is joined by the real Dr. Chang for the untangling of Everybody Loves Hugo:

Also, here is last week’s untangled (for 6×11 Happily Ever After). I didn’t get a chance to post this last week, so I’m putting it up now so that there will be a complete set:

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