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LOST University Master’s Program teaser

LOST University is back with a “graduate” program. To access it, you will need a Blu-ray set, either the Season Sixset or the Complete Collection.

I expect that someone may eventually post the class videos online where non-Blu-Ray users can see them, but probably not right away, as ABC is likely to be vigilant for a while.

Below is an official teaser which has clips from “The Craft of Acting” class with Yunjin Kim (Sun), Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond), and Terry O’Quinn (Locke and notLocke). Below that is the promo email that ABC sent out on August 25.

August 25 letter:

Dear LOST University Students and Alumni,

With the series finale several months ago, we know you are sitting at home saying, “We have to go back!” Not only to the island, but back to the campus of LOST University. For those of you who are new to our program or have not yet experienced campus life at LOST University, welcome. For our continuing students and alumni we have many new opportunities waiting for you within the LOST University: Master’s Program.

Alumni and new masters students are needed to act as teacher assistants for new classes including Theology, Spanish with Professor Nestor Carbonell, Literature and Acting with the cast of LOST (exclusive to graduates from the LOST University Undergraduate Program). Each of these classes, led by top university professors, delve deeper into the mythology, stories and characters of LOST, providing a greater understanding as to what it all means and look at the show again with a more enlightened and educated point of view.

Enrollment in the LOST University: Master’s Program is the perfect way to move on and extend your LOST experience. Classes begin exclusively with the release of LOST: The Complete Sixth and Final Season on Blu-ray™ and LOST: The Complete Collection Blu-ray™. We look forward to seeing you as a candidate for graduation.

When you arrive on campus, please stop by the Advisor’s Office where I will help you set your schedule and choose a thesis topic. Until then, please visit our online campus at, where you can experience an array of campus life from the course catalogue, campus news from The Lamp Post, network with other students in the forums or shop for LOST U merchandise at the campus bookstore.

We know you have what it takes, enroll today in the LOST University: Master’s Program.


Dr. David Daniels
Graduate Advisor

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Lost University class videos — Egyptian hieroglyphics

Lost University HIS 101

Lost University HIS 101

I’ve been trying to find a way to watch the Lost University class videos without having to get a Blu-ray player. It didn’t seem possible. For a while, fans were posting them on YouTube, but Disney was pulling them down almost as fast as the fans could put them up.

But I just stumbled across a stash of the videos. I don’t know how long they will be available, so enjoy them while you can.

The two below are for the history class HIS 101 “Ancient Writing on the Wall,” which deals with Egyptian hieroglyphics (literally, “sacred script”) — the pictures we’ve seen so much of on the Island, that represent both ideas and sounds.

In the first class, Dr. Kara Cooney — Assistant Professor of Egyptian Art and Architecture at UCLA, LOST’s hieroglyphic consultant, museum curator, and major excavation team member — talks about Egyptian civilization, how hieroglyphics were used in temples and tombs, secret magical texts, and why these ancient artifacts must be preserved.

Link: HIS101Class1

In the second class, Eric Wells, Ph.D. student of Egyptology at UCLA, discusses the meaning of some common signs (symbols) that we may actually have seen in LOST, including the ankh and bird signs. He also talks about how to read hieroglyphs, and how the writing evolved.

Link: HIS101Class2

You can see more of the class videos here: Cypher80b’s Lost University videos.

LOST University sneak peek — wormholes

Here’s a little excerpt from Lost University PHY101.2 “The Physics of Time Travel.” The professor explains how you might be able to travel through time and space via “wormholes.”

This almost makes sense to me, which is spooky!

Courtesy of Buena Vista Home Entertainment. ©ABC Studios

Will we need the Blu-ray discs to watch LOST University lectures?

Update 2/10/10 — I posted the first two lecture videos (and a link where you can view more of them) here –> LOST University class videos on Egyptian hieroglyphics

Lost University logoUpdate 9/24/09:  The “Carlton” and “Damon” posting on the LOST University forums (saying they would find alternate solutions to make LOST University available to fans without Blu-ray) turned out to be just forum users fooling around, not the actual producers. So I deleted my original post here that quoted what “Carlton” and “Damon” had written.

The question, whether the Blu-ray discs will be necessary to participate in the LOST University lectures, still remains. I’ve seen conflicting answers. In fact, the answer has been unclear since Disney first issued a press release, early in August, which was ambiguous, saying on the one hand that the whole experience was “powered” by the BD-Live technology on the Blu-ray discs, and on the other hand that the discs contained only bonus material.

I hope they make the lectures available for everyone online. I don’t mind if the Blu-ray discs have extra bells and whistles not available elsewhere, but after all the publicity and teasing ABC has done about LOST University, it seems unfair to leave people who don’t have Blu-ray players, or who for whatever reason don’t want to buy the discs, completely out in the cold.

LOST University placement-test answers (spoilers)

Lost University logoTo see images and videos relating to some of the answers to the LOST University placement test questions, click on “Read more” below to look below the jump.

If you haven’t taken the placement test yet, try it. It’s fun. Go to the LOST University site and enroll, and they’ll give you the test.

SPOILER WARNING: Answers to some of the placement-test questions are revealed below the jump (or directly below, if you came in on a single-post view).
Continue reading

The first course at LOST University is now available

LOST University, an elaborate ABC promo site, is now open for enrollment.

After you register, you get a 23-question multiple-choice placement exam which consists of interesting trivia questions about the show.

Some are easy:

Which of the following LOST characters shares their name with a famous philosopher? A. Kate Austen B. John Locke C. Hugo Reyes D. Ben Linus

But many are hard:

There is a picture in Widmore’s office which depicts a polar bear and what? A. A Buddha B. An Ankh C. A pyramid D. The Virgin Mary

I got 16 points out of 23.

How did you do?

Along with my score, I got the message “Sorry, looks like you need a little LOST refresher,” and was shown the video for LOST University’s first course, LOST 101.

Those of you who don’t want to get up early and slog through the rain to the lecture hall are in luck. An industrious student smuggled out a copy of the lecture and made it available for all his dorm mates all over the world — at least until the campus police track it down:

I enrolled in LOST U. under the name SawyersShirt, so wave if you see me in the hall.

Editing to add: Some people received an email that said “the first 108 graduates will receive a hand-signed diploma from LOST University Presidents Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.”

Editing again to add: All the answers to the placement test questions have been posted on DarkUFO.

And again: I’ve posted some screenshots and videos relating to the answers.

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