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LOST University Master’s Program teaser

LOST University is back with a “graduate” program. To access it, you will need a Blu-ray set, either the Season Sixset or the Complete Collection.

I expect that someone may eventually post the class videos online where non-Blu-Ray users can see them, but probably not right away, as ABC is likely to be vigilant for a while.

Below is an official teaser which has clips from “The Craft of Acting” class with Yunjin Kim (Sun), Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond), and Terry O’Quinn (Locke and notLocke). Below that is the promo email that ABC sent out on August 25.

August 25 letter:

Dear LOST University Students and Alumni,

With the series finale several months ago, we know you are sitting at home saying, “We have to go back!” Not only to the island, but back to the campus of LOST University. For those of you who are new to our program or have not yet experienced campus life at LOST University, welcome. For our continuing students and alumni we have many new opportunities waiting for you within the LOST University: Master’s Program.

Alumni and new masters students are needed to act as teacher assistants for new classes including Theology, Spanish with Professor Nestor Carbonell, Literature and Acting with the cast of LOST (exclusive to graduates from the LOST University Undergraduate Program). Each of these classes, led by top university professors, delve deeper into the mythology, stories and characters of LOST, providing a greater understanding as to what it all means and look at the show again with a more enlightened and educated point of view.

Enrollment in the LOST University: Master’s Program is the perfect way to move on and extend your LOST experience. Classes begin exclusively with the release of LOST: The Complete Sixth and Final Season on Blu-ray™ and LOST: The Complete Collection Blu-ray™. We look forward to seeing you as a candidate for graduation.

When you arrive on campus, please stop by the Advisor’s Office where I will help you set your schedule and choose a thesis topic. Until then, please visit our online campus at, where you can experience an array of campus life from the course catalogue, campus news from The Lamp Post, network with other students in the forums or shop for LOST U merchandise at the campus bookstore.

We know you have what it takes, enroll today in the LOST University: Master’s Program.


Dr. David Daniels
Graduate Advisor

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LOST ending kills Kermit

Ha, ha, ha I know just how he feels.

I just found this, but it must have been shown shortly before the finale aired (ah, back in my days of innocence), as a teaser.

And speaking of videos that I missed, here’s the last of the official video podcasts, also from shortly before the finale aired, which has various writers and producers talking about how they feel about the show being over:

LOST Untangled finale 6×17-18 “The End”

This last “LOST Untangled” is much more a retrospective of the entire series than an untangling of the finale itself.

That’s too bad, because the finale was the one episode that I really needed to have untangled, the one episode that left me baffled.

Maybe they didn’t untangle it because they couldn’t, because they didn’t understand it themselves.

(What, me bitter? 😉 )

Anyway, this has music by the “Previously on Lost” recap band, lots of clips of iconic moments from all six years of the show, but alas, no dancing statue this time.

Be sure to watch it past the end of the credits, where there is a moment that is vey funny (for those who’ve been watching the “Untangled” videos all along.)

LOST Untangled 6×16 What They Died For

Puppet Dr. Chang, soon to be out of a job as an untangler, untangles the penultimate episode of LOST:

The last official ABC LOST audio podcast

In the last (so sad!) official audio podcast, Damon and Carlton talk about listening to the scoring of the music for the finale, the polarized fan reaction to Across the Sea, “this is what answers look like,” “every question will lead to another question,” that they just did a DVD commentary for Across the Sea which will explain why they made the decisions they did for that episode, and the alternate endings that will be on the post-Finale Jimmy Kimmel show.

They say that they are done with the mythology — Across the Sea was the last of it. From now on, it’s going to be all about the characters. Damon said “Everyone you know and love is going to feature prominently in the next three-and-a-half hours of the show.”

Damon mentions how Across the Sea was a departure because it was about a bad Mommy when so much of the show before had been about bad Daddies. He says that one of their jokey titles for the episode had been “I’ll Just Sit Here in the Dark.” Ha!

They answer (and sometimes sidestep) viewer questions of varying seriousness: What did Locke say when he was unconscious in the sideways world? How could Jacob kill his brother if they were unable to hurt each other? (The answer was that he didn’t hurt him directly.) Did Smokey kill the author of “Bad Twin”? Is the water in the pool in the temple the same as the water in the cave that Jacob is protecting? Was the tortoise on the beach an incarnation of Vincent? Was the drawstring in the last episode an anachronism? Do Damon and Carlton secretly hate each other? What is their favorite podcast moment?

Great podcast, worth listening to: May 14, 2010 official audio podcast

LOST Link Round-up # 2

More quick takes on cool LOST-related stuff:

Josh Holloway (Sawyer) by Tom Richmond (click to see the original)

Tom Richmond, the MAD Magazine artist who has been doing fantastic caricatures of the LOST stars, has added four new ones since the last time I posted about them: Josh Holloway (Sawyer), Yunjin Kim (Sun), Mitchell (Juliet), and Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert). I love these sketches. When I see the MAD style, I’m hit by a wave of nostalgia for my misspent MAD-Magazine-reading childhood. Combine that with my current obsession, LOST, and the effect is mesmerizing. See the whole collection at: Tom Richmond’s Sketch O’ The Week.

Musician Marilyn Manson is also a painter. Who knew? He painted a deliciously creepy portrait of Locke: See Marilyn Manson’s Cool ‘Lost’ Painting.

This week’s official video podcast goes behind the scenes to ask some of the show’s writers, producers, and editors “If Damon and Carlton were the Man in Black and Jacob, which side would you choose?” Damon himself says he’s most like Jacob, because Jacob is passive-aggressive and moody. It’s a cute video, and it’s nice to see some of the faces of the people who work on the show who are usually invisible to us. Official video podcast, May 14, 2010

Lost Untangled 6×15 Across the Sea

Puppet Dr. Chang and Knotty Mommy Hair:

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