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Poll: Do you think Kate will end up with Jack or Sawyer?

Poll: Who is Jack’s ex-wife in the sideways world?

Jack and Kate in 6x03 What Kate Does
Let’s start guessing what we are going to find out in the Finale.

First poll — who is sideways Jack’s mysterious ex-wife? He keeps on talking about her, but has never yet mentioned her name. I’m expecting a dramatic reveal. Maybe they’ll show her from the back, and she will slowly turn around …

Screencap is of Jack and Kate, as Kate is about to leave the Temple, in 6×03 “What Kate Does”

Can Jack change the future?

This official video podcast, the last of the season, shows clips of Kate and Jack from 5×15 Follow the Leader, and also the key moments of the scene from 5×14 The Variable where Faraday says that they themselves are the variables.

Evangeline Lilly says it feels good for Kate to disagree with Jack.

Matthew Fox says that Jack believes that detonating the bomb has always been his destiny, and that completing his destiny is his only salvation.

Elizabeth Mitchell says she loves the theory that dropping pebbles in water changes nothing, but dropping boulders changes the course of the whole river. This is interesting, because she is referring to a part of Faraday’s scene which we didn’t actually see. Damon and Carlton said, in one of their audio podcasts, that the pebble/boulder bit, an analogy for how Faraday thought he could change time, was in the original script for the Faraday scene, but had to be cut because the scene was running too long.

Evangeline Lilly talks about Josh Holloway and Matthew Fox

Sawyer, Kate, and Jack Season 1 promo picture

Sawyer, Kate, and Jack Season 1 promo picture

Those of you (and I know you are out there!) who HATE the Kate-Sawyer-Jack-(Juliet) love triangle/quadrangle might want to back out now, because in this video, Evangeline Lilly (Kate) talks about what it’s like to work with her co-stars Matthew Fox (Jack) and Josh Holloway (Sawyer).

Actually, this has some great clips — of Sawyer taking off his glasses when he firsts sees Kate in Dharma time, of a tender Sawyer-Kate kiss, of the Kate-Jack kiss after Kate leaves Aaron (though that latter scene is almost too dark to see, at least on my monitor), and of the interaction between Jack and Sawyer when Jack refuses to treat Little Ben.

Evangeline talks about how Matthew and Josh have different ways of working, how Matthew is more cerebral, and Josh more instinctive:

Promo picture (c) ABC, from

Evangeline Lilly talks about her character, Kate

Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly

Lilly talks about Kate’s giving up Aaron, and about the love quadrangle, in these two official video podcasts.

In the first podcast, Evangeline talks about how Kate finally came to accept that keeping Aaron would be morally wrong. The podcast includes short clips of Kate’s scenes with Cassidy and with Carole Littleton (Claire’s mother) from 5×11 Whatever Happened, Happened.

The second podcast is about Jack versus Sawyer. Evangeline has a great line: “I feel that any audience member who is what they call a Jate-er, a Jack and Kate fan, has got to be living a life of perpetual frustration.”

Not only is the bit about “perpetual frustration” funny in itself, but I love that Evangeline uses the term “Jate-er,” which is a fan term. There is a something very nice about the interaction between the show and the fans, which couldn’t have happened, at least not to the same degree, in the days before the internet.

(The first podcast was released April 9, 2009, and the second April 23, 2009. There was no podcast during the week of the clip/recap show.)

Evangeline Lilly promo photo (c) ABC

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