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Boone actor says he is coming back to LOST!

Ian Somerhalder, who plays Boone on Lost

Ian Somerhalder, who plays Boone on LOST

Good news for Boone fans:

Last week, during an interview with Access Hollywood at Comic-Con, Ian Somerhalder said he was coming back.

AH: Fans of LOST obviously are wondering, because they were saying a lot of the people are going to be brought back for the final season, are you one of them?

IS: I literally two minutes ago walked out of a Green Room with Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof —

AH: Oh you did?

IS: — and, yes.

AH: So that means you will be back in some capacity?

IS: We are gonna work it out.

AH: Nice!

IS: Yes.

AH: Okay, that’s fantastic… When will you actually have time to film something like that? [Ian will be starring in the new show Vampire Diaries starting this fall.]

IS: That we don’t know. That’s what they were just talking about, literally… It’s going to be red-eye from Atlanta, go to set, work.

So there you have it. Boone is coming back — or at least the actor who plays him thinks that he is.

And what about Shannon? No word yet, except that Maggie Grace said she was going to Hawaii for a vacation. Hmmm.

Picture of Ian Somerhalder from Lostpedia

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