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“There’s a big hootenanny over here”

On the LOST set

Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, and Jorge Garcia relaxing on the set

You have to see this. Josh Holloway, Terry O’Quinn, and Jorge Garcia are singing “On the Bayou” while taking a break on the LOST set, sitting under a tarp with fellow cast mates.

The video is by @bethanyshady (Jorge Garcia’s wife), and you can watch it on her Facebook page.

(via @JoshHollowayFF)

Evangeline and Dominic talk about LOST’s first year at Comic-Con 2004

This was just recently posted on YouTube, but I don’t know when it was made. I would guess around 2005 or 2006.

It’s interesting — it has Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan talking about how surprised they were that so many people wanted to see the series pilot at Comic-Con before the show was on the air. They had to get another auditorium because the room they originally planned to use couldn’t hold all the people who wanted to be there.

It’s great to see Evangeline and Dominic being so enthusiastic about their memories of that day and to see how excited they were when they first realized that LOST, as Dominic says, “was going to be gold dust.” It reminds me of how special LOST once was and what an incredible sense of anticipation I felt, especially during the show’s first year.

Trailer for “Real Steel” with Evangeline Lilly

Robot in boxing ring from Real Steel trailer

Robot in boxing ring, from "Real Steel" trailer

“Real Steel,” which is in post-production and will be released sometime in 2011, is about robots who fight each other in the boxing ring. It doesn’t look like my cup of tea, even though it has several things going for it: it stars Hugh Jackman and features Evangeline Lilly (Kate) in an as-yet unnamed role; it has Steven Spielberg as a producer; and it is based on a story which was originally adapted to be a Twilight Zone episode.

According to Wikipedia’s synopsis, “Hugh Jackman plays Charlie Kenton, a washed-up fighter who lost his chance at a title when 2000-pound, 8-foot-tall steel robots took over the ring.” Charlie ekes out a living making low-end robots from scrap metal, but when he “hits rock bottom, he reluctantly teams up with his estranged son Max (Dakota Goyo) to build and train a championship contender… Against all odds, [they] get one last shot at a comeback” in the “brutal, no-holds-barred arena.”

You can see a couple of very quick glimpses of Evangeline in the trailer:

Official video podcast featuring Evangeline Lilly

In this video podcast Evangeline Lilly rehashes 6×03, the Kate-centric episode, and talks about her character. Also, Damon and Carlton promise that we will see more about the numbers.

Kate on ‘America’s Most Wanted’

Kate on "America's Most Wanted"

Kate on "America's Most Wanted"

In this fake episode of America’s Most Wanted, shown at yesterday’s Comic-Con LOST panel, the show’s host claims that the night Kate blew up her father’s house, her father wasn’t there, but instead had sent his apprentice, Ryan Milner, to the house to lock up. It was Ryan, the host says, not Kate’s father Wayne, who was killed in the explosion.

What to make of this? I see three possibilities:

1. The video does not provide reliable information about the show — it is not “canon.” Comic-con videos have misled fans in the past, or

2. The writers led us to believe that Kate killed Wayne, but that may have been a clever bit of misdirection, prompting us to jump to conclusions that may not have actually been in the script. (Maybe someone who has a better memory than I do of the early shows can confirm if this is even possible), or

3. Kate did kill Wayne and there was no misdirection, but the America’s Most Wanted video came from an alternate (parallel?) time, one which we may enter in Season 6.

Video is by Jopinionated from DocArzt and TV Overmind.

Speaking of TV Overmind, I recently contributed an article there, about the hunkalicious Gilles Marini, of “Sex and the City” and “Dancing With the Stars” fame, who is now exploring a new talent: Gilles Marini Finds His Voice

Kate taking off her shirt

Those of you who used to read my old blog might remember the series of posts I did called “Without Their Shirts.” I thought about that today, after I found the pictures of Matthew Fox without his shirt in Rome. I thought it might be fun to redo the series here, and it would be a good chance to freshen it up with some new video clips, because so many of the clips I used before have subsequently been pulled off of YouTube.

I think that LOST combines highbrow and lowbrow impulses in a way few other TV shows do. It’s full of literary references and sophisticated character development, but also contains many action sequences and a generous sprinkling of unabashed beef- and cheesecake.

This first clip, which shows Kate taking off her shirt while standing in the ocean, is LOST at its most cheescakiest. There is no reason for this scene to exist other than to show her taking off her shirt. And at the end, she simply stands there, looking fabulous in her bra and thong — just posing for the camera.

In this next clip, Kate again takes off her shirt, but this time Sawyer is watching. This scene doesn’t feel gratuitous, the way the first clip did. It shows a key moment in Kate and Sawyer’s relationship. It is also, although only a few seconds long, one of the sexiest scenes ever shown on LOST, in my opinion:

The scene of Kate in the ocean is from the Season 1 Pilot, part 2. The scene of Sawyer and Kate in the cages is from episode 3×04, Every Man for Himself.

Eye candy

Pin-up worthy pictures of the women and men of LOST.

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