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Jorge Garcia in “Mr. Sunshine”

Jorge Garcia on Mr. Sunshine

Matthew Perry and Jorge Garcia on the premiere of Mr. Sunshine

I tuned into the premiere of the new comedy “Mr. Sunshine” and was surprised to see Jorge Garcia pop up about three or four minutes in.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Jorge was invited to play a guest role on the pilot because Matthew Perry, the star, writer, and executive producer of “Mr. Sunshine,” is a huge LOST fan.

It was great to see Jorge. The show itself wasn’t so good though. It’s supposed to be a madcap comedy about the wacky life of Ben, the manager of a San Diego sports/circus/concert arena (Matthew Perry), and the colorful eccentrics surrounding him, but with the exception of a few funny moments, the jokes fell flat. The best part was actually the semi-serious subplot about Perry’s fear of commitment driving away his love interest, Andrea Anders, the liveliest actor among the regular cast.

You can catch a glimpse of Jorge in the video clip below:

New LOST bobble heads — Sawyer, Desmond, Jack, and Dr. Arzt

LOST may be long over, but new products keep on coming.

Four new bobble heads from Bif Bang Pow! are available for pre-order — although at this point, it looks like they won’t actually be shipped until June, 2011.

Lost Sawyer Bobble Head

The Sawyer bobble head has our nickname-loving hero wearing a shirt (alas!) and a jacket. For some reason, he is holding a gun — I’m not sure what scene this is referencing. He is also holding the letter that played such a poignant role in Season 1.

Lost Jack Shephard Bobble Head

The Jack Shephard bobble head is posing with Vincent the dog — an odd choice, in my opinion, especially since Jack’s two iconic scenes with Vincent involve Jack lying flat on his back in the jungle, a position which wouldn’t work for a bobble head, as it would interfere with the bobbling. 😉

Besides, whenever I see Vincent, I think, “Where’s Waaaaaaaaaalt?”

Also, is it my imagination, or is Vincent unusually small here?

The bobble head is meant to evoke the Series Pilot — it has Jack wearing a suit, with a bit of the wreckage of Flight 815 on the ground behind him. He’s also got some sexy stubble. In fact, he looks sexier as a bobble head than he did in the series. (Yes, as a Sawyer fan I’m biased, but it’s true!)

Lost Desmond Hume Bobble Head

The Desmond Hume bobble head shows the Season 2 Desmond, wearing a Dharma jumpsuit and standing by the Swan Station computer, where he is, presumably, about to type in the infamous numbers.

Lost Dr. Leslie Arzt Bobble Head

Last, but not least, is what I think is the best bobble head of the bunch — Dr. Leslie Arzt holding a stick of dynamite, about to blow himelf up — a scene which led to one of Hurley’s greatest lines ever.

Jorge Garcia, J.J. Abrams, an island, a mystery, and a tv show

Alcatraz at dawn

Alcatraz at dawn

Deadline Hollywood reported that Jorge Garcia (Hurley) will star in Alcatraz, a FOX drama about a group of Alcatraz prisoners and guards who mysteriously disappeared 30 years ago and show up in the present day.

Jorge, who was the first actor cast for the show, will play the “hippy geek” Dr. Diego Soto, a world-class authority on Alcatraz. J.J. Abrams is co-executive producer. Filming will begin in January in San Francisco and Vancouver.

Photo of Alcatraz by Ben Peoples, via Wikimedia

Cast red carpet interviews at the Scream Awards

Another video from the red (actually silver) carpet, featuring quick takes from Jorge Garcia, Darlton, Henry Ian Cusick, Malcolm David Kelley, and a cameo from rocker Marilyn Manson:

Reminder: LOST tribute on Spike TV Scream Awards tonight, Oct. 19, 2010

Tonight, you can watch a reunion of some of the old LOST gang, including the long-unseen Waaaaaaaaalt.

When: Tuesday, October 19, 2010, 9 PM (8 PM Central)
Where: Spike TV, during the Scream Awards

The show was taped on Saturday, and Spike TV released a clip of part of the LOST tribute. The cast and producers in attendance are, in order of appearance, Carlton Cuse, Jorge Garcia (who acts as the spokesperson for the group), Damon Lindelof, Francois Chau, Ian Somerhalder, Henry Ian Cusick, a very tall Malcolm David Kelley, Harold Perrineau, and a burning piece of Flight 815 wreckage.

Why no women? Hmmm.

LOST cast members and Darlton reunion on October 19, 2010

Michael didn't get to go to Heaven, but Harold Perrineau is coming back

Jeff Jensen at EW’s PopWatch is reporting that on October 19 at 9:00 PM on Spike TV’s Scream Awards, there will be a special tribute to LOST that will bring together cast members and producers. So far, the following are confirmed: Jorge Garcia (Hurley), Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond), Harold Perrineau (Michael), Carlton Cuse, and Damon Lindelof, with more expected to show up.

Here’s a promo, featuring Dr. Edward Halliwax, aka Pierre Chang, done in the style of a Dharma Orientation film:

Jorge Garcia in opening number in 2010 Emmys

Jorge Garcia (Hurley) was in the Glee-inspired opening song and dance number for the Emmys. Here’s a short clip of the opening number. Jorge comes on at the end:

[Editing to add] Here’s the full clip:

Want to see more of Jorge singing? Here are some oldies-but-goodies from the blog archives:

Hurley sings to Aaron in The Greater Good (episode 1×21)

This is from an August 2008 “Netflix Live” concert, where Jorge sings “Mustang Sally” with other TV actors:

This is from a recording session for the movie When We Were Pirates:

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