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What does it mean to be “claimed”?

Jack: Why would you people want to kill Sayid?

Dogen: We believe he has been (says something in Japanese).

Lennon: Closest translation is “claimed.”

Jack: Claimed. By what?

Dogen: There’s a darkness growing in him. And once it reaches his heart, everything your friend once was will be gone.

Jack: How can you be sure?

Dogen: Because it happened to your sister

If Claire was claimed, and Sayid is in the process of being claimed, then how do we explain Locke and notLocke? Claire and Sayid appear to have one body each, but Locke/notLocke have two.

If, say, notLocke is the claimed version of Locke, then who or what was the body in the box in the Season 5 finale? Why does Locke get an extra body, when no one else does? Is it because Locke really is, as he had long hoped, special? Or is it that the transformation/doubling of Locke was something different from the transformation of Claire and (potentially) Sayid?

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