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Poll: What did you think of 6×11 Happily Ever After?

Desmond Hume Henry Ian Cusick LOST 6x11 Happily Ever After

Desmond in 6x11

What did you think of Happily Ever After, the Desmond-centric, Darlton-written, Jack-Bender-directed episode?

Schedule for LOST Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Desmond Hume Henry Ian Cusick LOST 6x11 Happily Ever After

Desmond in 6x11 Happily Ever After

Again this week there will only be the new episode, and no pop-up-enhanced rerun of last week’s (6×10 The Package) — the rerun will again be bumped by a Dancing With the Stars results show.

U.S. Schedule for Tuesday, April 6, 2010:

9:00 – 10:02 New episode 6×11 Happily Ever After

Official ABC description: “Desmond wakes up and realizes he is back on the island.”

Behind the cameras, they brought out the big guns for this episode — it was written by Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, and directed by Jack Bender.

The Press Release has a major spoiler about a guest star: Press Release for 6×11 Happily Ever After.

(Show is an hour earlier for Central Time)

Screenshot of Desmond is from the 6×11 Sneak Peek

Unusual gifts for fans of ABC’s LOST

Updated November 23, 2011

Are you looking for LOST-related gifts for fans who already have the DVDs and t-shirts and episode guides? Here are some out-of-the-ordinary items that even the most enthusiastic LOST fan is unlikely to own:

The hatch painting

The hatch painting

If you’ve taken the Lost University placement test, you may remember a question about the mural in the Swan station. The mural, also known as the hatch painting, was painted by executive producer and director Jack Bender. You can buy a 24″ by 32″ poster print signed by Bender for $45, or the same-sized print unsigned for $25.

Gospel of John starring Henry Ian Cusick

"Gospel of John" starring Henry Ian Cusick

Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond Hume) got rave reviews for playing Jesus Christ in the 2003 movie Gospel of John, his first major film role. Before then he had been primarily a stage actor. Jam! called Cusick “the finest and most refined Christ in film history.” L.A. Weekly said “Rather than the ethereal Christ figure common to much religious art, The Gospel of John’s Jesus (played brilliantly by the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Henry Ian Cusick) is a fundamentally human, impassioned rabbi, frustrated by the need to perform miracles as a way of proving himself, enraged by the sin he sees all about him.” The Gospel of John DVD sells for $11.99.

The Baptism of Christ by Verrocchio and da Vinci

The Baptism of Christ by Verrocchio

Another question on the Lost U. placement test referred to the 15th century painting “The Baptism of Christ,” created by Andrea del Verrocchio with assistance from a young Leonardo da Vinci. In episode 1×12 Fire + Water, Charlie had a dream where Claire and his mother were the angels that appear on the left side of the painting, and Hurley was John the Baptist. You can buy a 13″ x 19″ poster of the painting, now on sale  for only one penny (plus shipping).

Hotel Lachapelle

Hotel Lachapelle

If your LOST-fan gift recipients have seen the amazing Season 1 British promo created by wildly inventive photographer David LaChapelle, they might enjoy seeing some of his other work. Here’s Amazon’s description of his photography book Hotel LaChapelle: “In this world, heads are sewn onto different-colored bodies, a nurse holds a face with a pair of tweezers, Marilyn Manson works as a school crossing guard, Madonna is a Krishna goddess, Leonard DiCaprio becomes Marlon Brando, and Ewan McGregor’s face peers into a dollhouse while his body bleeds from a gunshot wound fired from Barbie’s diminutive gun. The list goes on, and what it says about LaChapelle’s vision is that excess is never too much.” Hotel Lachapelle sells for $37.80.

Bride and Prejudice

See Sayid dance

Before he played Sayid, Naveen Andrews danced his way through the 2005 Bollywood musical remake of Pride and Prejudice (clip). LOST fans can tap their toes to Bride and Prejudice for $14.49.



A tour of LOST’s filming locations on Oahu would be the ultimate gift for a LOST fan. A five-hour guided tour in a Hummer costs $154.00 per person. Buy two tickets so that you can go too.

Henry Ian Cusick’s sexual harassment lawsuit was settled

Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond in Episode 3x03 "Further Instructions"

Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond in Episode 3x03 "Further Instructions"

TMZ reports that the sexual harassment lawsuit against Henry Ian Cusick, who plays Desmond on LOST, filed on April 24, 2009, by a member of the LOST production crew, has now been settled.

TMZ writes:

Her lawyer tells us she has settled with all the defendants and the terms are confidential.

More info on the lawsuit: Henry Ian Cusick sued for sexual harassment

Henry Ian Cusick stars in “Darwin’s Darkest Hour”

Henry Ian Cusick as Charles Darwin

Henry Ian Cusick as Charles Darwin

Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond on LOST) plays Darwin in a 2-hour special, presented by NOVA and National Geographic Television, airing on PBS tomorrow, Tuesday, October 6, 2009, at 8:00 PM. The program will also be available online starting on October 7.

The drama, which is set in 1858 when Darwin was 49 years old, focuses on the time when Darwin struggled to decide whether or not he should go public with his theory of evolution.

In an interview posted on the NOVA website, Cusick was asked if he was surprised by anything he learned about Darwin or his theory while working on the film. Cusick answered:

Yes. You know, for all the creationists out there, Darwin’s just an atheist. But he was actually agnostic. There’s a passage in the film in which he says that he doesn’t know where the initial spark of life came from, you know? He thought that that spark of life came to Earth, and then from that one spark all these other things were created. And I think that’s a very honest and open view….

The passage in the script, from Darwin’s own writing, goes: “I think there’s beauty—and grandeur—in a view of life having been originally breathed into perhaps a single form, and that from so simple a beginning, endless forms, most beautiful and wonderful, have been and are being evolved.”

I think that’s lovely. That is my favorite speech of the film. It seems like a very intelligent way of looking at how we arrived here. His view, to me, seems very plausible and very simple.

Here are two promos:

More information: Official site for “Darwin’s Darkest Hour”

Eye candy

Pin-up worthy pictures of the women and men of LOST.

Recap of 5×14 The Variable

Faraday, saying, "She was wrong."

Faraday, saying, "She was wrong."

An amazing episode.

After we’ve heard Jack wail so many times, “We have to go back! We have to go back!” it turns out that no, they didn’t have to go back after all.

Faraday’s theory about how you can’t change the past is turned on its head.

We see Mommy issues that are just as twisted as the show’s ubiquitous Daddy issues.

The episode starts with a fabulous beginning, quickly flipping through scenes we’ve seen before — Faraday telling space-suited Desmond to meet him in Oxford, Eloise saying “God help us all,” Ben shooting Desmond.

Then new footage of Desmond in the hospital, Penny and baby Charlie. Eloise Hawking shows up! Says this was her son’s fault.

30 years earlier…. Faraday is coming out of submarine hatch, which we saw at the end of the last episode. Faraday asks Jack why he came back. Jack says Faraday’s mother told him it was his destiny. Faraday tells Jack, “She was wrong.”

Flashback to young Daniel playing the piano. His mother asks him if he knows what destiny means, and says it’s a special gift that must be nurtured. His gift is his mind, his talents in math and science. So he will have no more time for the piano! “I can make time,” Daniel says, but Mom Eloise is unyielding.

Meanwhile in Dharmaville, Jack finds out that Phil is in Sawyer’s closet.

Faraday goes to the Orchid. Dr Chang says “God help us all” — we saw this earlier this season in Episode 1. Faraday says that there will be an explosion in the Swan station 30,000 times more powerful than the one in the Orchid. Dr C asks, how do you know? Faraday says, I’m from the future. Faraday tells Dr. C that Miles is his son. Miles is not pleased.

Flashback of Daniel graduating, getting his doctorate. Mom Eloise is horribly rude to Daniel’s girlfriend Theresa, then whisks him off to lunch alone. He tells her he has a grant from Charles Widmore! Her expression is unreadable. She gives him a gift, and then leaves. It’s the book that we always see him writing in, his constant.

Dharma time. All the Dharma losties are meeting, talking about skipping town, debating whether to get on the sub or go into the jungle. Knock on door. It’s Miles and Faraday. Sawyer, to Miles: “He still crazy?” Miles: “It’s on a whole new level, man.”

Flashback to Daniel freaking out while watching the news on TV about Flight 815 being under the sea. (We’ve seen this part of the scene before.) He’s in terrible shape from having sent himself through time, which destroyed his mind and his memory (and messed up his girlfriend and cost him his job). He doesn’t even know why he’s so upset by the broadcast.

Charles Widmore shows up! Tells Daniel that he had faked the Flight 815 crash. Offers him a new opportunity — to go to the Island. Tells him it will heal his mind. Says he shouldn’t be wasting his gifts. Faraday says, “You sound like my mother.” Widmore says that’s because they are friends.

Dharma Losties argue about whether to go to the Hostiles to find Ellie, Faraday’s mother. Jack wants to, Sawyer doesn’t. They both appeal to Kate, but it’s Juliet who tells them the fence combination. They split up — Kate, Jack, and Faraday take off. Faraday sees little Charlotte, tells her she has to leave. They have a shoot-out with Radzinsky.

Flashback to messed-up Faraday playing the piano. Mom Eloise comes in, tells him he should accept Widmore’s offer. She echos Widmore in saying that the Island will heal him. Faraday, pathetic, asks Eloise if taking the job will make her proud of him.

Dharma time. Faraday says, this is our present. Any one of us can die.” Well, there goes my theory.

Radzinsky finds Phil in Sawyer/Juliet’s closet. Uh oh!

Faraday explains to Kate and Jack that after the explosion goes off in the Swan, then the hatch will be built, the button will have to be pushed to keep the energy contained, Flight 815 will crash, and he himself will be on the freighter, and so on. All of that will be the result of the explosion that is about to happen.

He says he thought that you couldn’t change the past, but that’s because he was thinking of the constants. But what about variables? He says THEY are the variables. They CAN change their destiny.

And he intends to do that by detonating the H-bomb.

Back to Penny and Eloise, who says she has come to apologize. For once, she doesn’t know what is going to happen next. But Desmond is fine! He tells Penny, “I promised I’d never leave you again.”

Eloise walks out of the hospital. Widmore creeps out of the shadows. She tells him he should go inside and visit his daughter, Penny. He says that relationship was one of the things he had to sacrifice. She says, don’t talk to me about sacrifices. I sent my son back, she says, knowing full well what would happen.

Widmore says, “He’s my son too!”

Eloise slaps him.

In Dharma time, our trio creeps up on the Hostile’s camp. Faraday confronts Richard Alpert. Then young Eloise shoots Faraday! He says, “You knew. You always knew this would happen.” But young Eloise has a blank expression. Is she faking?

And is Faraday dead?

Screencap of Faraday (lightened/cropped) from the DarkUFO sneak peek video #2 in my previous post, (c) ABC

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