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LOST: The Final Farewell — video from the Scream Awards

This is the video they showed at Spike TV’s Scream Awards a couple of weeks ago. It sums up the whole story of LOST in a few minutes. I think it’s nicely done. After that, a bunch of the cast came out. I had posted that part earlier, but it’s here too, in the second half of the clip, if you missed it.

And that was the whole LOST tribute, except for a short intro by Jimmy Kimmel.

Cast red carpet interviews at the Scream Awards

Another video from the red (actually silver) carpet, featuring quick takes from Jorge Garcia, Darlton, Henry Ian Cusick, Malcolm David Kelley, and a cameo from rocker Marilyn Manson:

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse interviewed on the red carpet at the Scream Awards

Damon and Carlton are a bit hard to hear in this. There’s a lot of screaming in the background, which is odd, but I guess appropriate because it is, after all, the “Scream Awards.”

They’re asked if they are going to work together again, and Carlton says that hopefully they will find something to do together “sooner, rather than later.” Also, Damon talks about “Star Trek 2,” the movie he is currently writing.

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse Talk LOST, the ALIEN PREQUEL, STAR TREK 2, and More on the Scream Awards Red Carpet from ColliderVideos on Vimeo.

(The YouTube video I had here was pulled, but I found this one via LOSTblog.)

Reminder: LOST tribute on Spike TV Scream Awards tonight, Oct. 19, 2010

Tonight, you can watch a reunion of some of the old LOST gang, including the long-unseen Waaaaaaaaalt.

When: Tuesday, October 19, 2010, 9 PM (8 PM Central)
Where: Spike TV, during the Scream Awards

The show was taped on Saturday, and Spike TV released a clip of part of the LOST tribute. The cast and producers in attendance are, in order of appearance, Carlton Cuse, Jorge Garcia (who acts as the spokesperson for the group), Damon Lindelof, Francois Chau, Ian Somerhalder, Henry Ian Cusick, a very tall Malcolm David Kelley, Harold Perrineau, and a burning piece of Flight 815 wreckage.

Why no women? Hmmm.

LOST cast members and Darlton reunion on October 19, 2010

Michael didn't get to go to Heaven, but Harold Perrineau is coming back

Jeff Jensen at EW’s PopWatch is reporting that on October 19 at 9:00 PM on Spike TV’s Scream Awards, there will be a special tribute to LOST that will bring together cast members and producers. So far, the following are confirmed: Jorge Garcia (Hurley), Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond), Harold Perrineau (Michael), Carlton Cuse, and Damon Lindelof, with more expected to show up.

Here’s a promo, featuring Dr. Edward Halliwax, aka Pierre Chang, done in the style of a Dharma Orientation film:

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