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Matthew Fox (Jack), shirtless in Rome

A photographer snapped several pictures of a shirtless Matthew Fox standing on his hotel balcony. I guess the weather must have been nice!

Matthew Fox, without his shirt, on a balcony in Rome, July 2009

Matthew Fox, without his shirt, on a balcony in Rome, July 2009

You can see a full set of 18 pictures of Matthew’s day — many pictures of him with his wife, son, and mother, seeing the sights of Rome, as well as a few more balcony shots, one showing off his tattoo — on

I also found an interesting description of Tuesday’s Fiction Fest event, written by Elisabetta, an Italian blogger who was there with a group of fellow hardcore Matthew Fox fans. They showed up wearing Dharma jumpsuits! Elisabetta writes about how they were screaming — so they may have been the ones whose screams you can hear on the video of the master class when Matthew Fox walked onto the stage. Read a detailed description of their day, and see a picture of them in their jumpsuits, on the Foxy and Jack Rule blog.

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LOST Promo from the Roma Fiction Fest

Here’s a three-minute promo that was shown at the Roma Fiction Fest this week. The promo focuses on how LOST is a global phenomenon. At the end, there’s a little teaser for Season 6, aka the “Destiny Found” season.

Also, while I was browsing on YouTube, I found a cute (though shaky) video clip of Terry O’Quinn (Locke) and Jorge Garcia (Hurley) at the first Roma Fiction Fest, two years ago:

Videos by dudeoneeighttwo and malamoffo

Damon, Carlton, Jack Bender and Matthew Fox in Rome

They sure are getting around! They conducted a master class today at the Roma Fiction Fest, an event, now in its third year, dedicated to television drama.

Here’s the opening of the LOST program. It’s fun to hear the way people scream “Matthew!” when Fox walks onto the stage.

In the next video, the master class begins. Damon, Carlton, and Jack Bender talk about the early days of the show, why they think it is special — and how they got away with doing weird things. Questions are in Italian and answers in English:

It looks like the master class lasted about an hour and a half. There are nine videos covering it, which you can find here: LOST at Roma Fiction Fest on YouTube.

Videos by griffin13508822008 and Vale1187

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