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Official video podcasts: PaleyFest plus “no banjos”

This has clips of fans and panelists at PaleyFest. There’s some wonderful interplay between Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson, who are very funny together.

This next short podcast has got to be the most spoiler-free podcast ever made, revealing absolutely nothing about the show — except that the show is about good and evil. I think we figured that one out already. 😉 Damon and Carlton are having fun here, talking about banjos and apple-eating contests:

Sneak Peek #3 for 6×06 Sundown

This was shown at Saturday’s PaleyFest. It’s got Sayid, Miles, Dogen, and Claire. Somewhat spoiler-ish.

Via ElDiegoar

LOST at PaleyFest 2010

This video from AP has short interviews with the cast and Darlton at last night’s PaleyFest in Los Angeles. It’s spoiler-free, but contains some clips from the upcoming episode (that were already shown in this week’s sneak peek #1).

My favorite bit is Terry O’Quinn saying, “I still don’t know if the character I’m playing [Locke] is going to be bad, good, or somewhere in between. He’s kind of bad-ass, which is fun. I like that.”

The Ausiello Files at EW has a report about what was said during the panel discussion. It contains some spoilers about what we will and won’t see during the rest of the season: ‘Lost’ execs ‘spoil’ final episodes at TV Fest ’10

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