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Damon Lindelof talks about the LOST ending and the auction

In this interview conducted a few days ago (looks like it’s at a pre-Emmy event), LOST writer Damon Lindelof talks about the Finale. Unfortunately, he doesn’t say anything that would give us new insights. He’s responding to a question about whether he feels frustrated when people misinterpret the ending to mean that the LOST-ies were dead all along, and he gives a generic answer about how different people will interpret the show in different ways.

He says he wished that fans who didn’t have the money to buy things at the auction could have had a chance to get a piece of the show, which was a nice thing to say. He himself was outbid on some auction items.

He’s working on the Star Trek sequel and “kicking around” some ideas about what to do next.

From GiveMeMyRemoteTV, via FuckYeahLost.

LOST Auction Day 2 — part 3

Dharma recruits 1977 framed photo LOST auction

Framed photo of the 1977 Dharma recruits sold for $7,000

— continued from LOST Auction Day 2 — part 2

Here are the results of the final hours of last night’s (Sunday night’s) LOST auction. I’m getting the numbers from the auction catalog. (registration required to see the “sold for” numbers.)

The framed photo of the LOSTies in 1977 Dharmaville, under the “Namaste New Recruits” banner, from the “Namaste” episode sold for $7,000.

Various collections of Dharma food, soda, condiments, wine & whiskey, motor pool supplies, Apollo candy bars, and Ajira Airways water bottles sold for between $700 (for the water bottles) and $3,500 for what was described as a “Huge assortment of miscellaneous DHARMA-branded supplies.”

A Drive Shaft poster sold for $3,250. Jughead sold for $2,250. It was described as “very heavy” and came with a radiation apron.

Season 5 production artwork sold for $6,000. Pieces of the submarine sold from $700 to $2,500 for the 25-foot long top piece.

Jacob’s tapestry from The Incident sold for $8,500. The fragment that Ilana found in Jacob’s cabin, with the picture of Tawaret sold for $6,500. Other fragments sold for $3,750 and $2,000. The firepit from inside the foot of the statue (cool prop!) sold for $1,200.

Jacobs tapestry and Taweret fragment LOST auction

Jacobs tapestry and fragment. (Not to scale. ) Sold for $8,500 and $6,500

The shiny blue Dharma van sold for $47,500! The Dharma jeep sold for a relatively modest $20,000.

The clothes Jack was wearing when he died sold for $10,000. Kate’s flashsideways little black dress and heels $3,000. Fake Locke’s Season 6 outfit of gray t-shirt, dark pants, and shoes sold for $1,900. The copy of that he wore when he was killed, complete with bullet hole and fake blood, sold for $1,700. Continuing the macabre theme, the outfit Juliet wore when she died in “LA X” sold for $1,100

Jacob said, "The cork is this island and it's the only thing keeping the darkness where it belongs" (Ab Aeterno)

Across the Sea: Bad Mother’s costumes, including one with a gross stab wound hole and stain, $1,200. Collection of Young Jacob costumes $5,000. Young MiB costumes went for considerably less — 2 lots for $900 and $1,100. The Senet gameboard sold for $7,000!

Ab Aeterno: A bunch of Richard Alpert’s stuff from that episode $1,600. Two gold cross necklaces, one bright, one tarnished. $3,750. Jacob’s metaphoric wine bottle and cork $3,750. The prison door and key from Richard’s cell $950. The dynamite he used to try to kill himself (in “Dr. Linus”) $1,600.

Emails Teacher Ben used to blackmail the Principal $1,000. Telescopes from the lighthouse. Undamaged $1,800. Damaged $2,000. Jack’s backpack from the finale $3,500. Man in Black’s ancient dagger $6,000..

Lots of backpacks and collections of the characters’ personal belongings.

Police station coffee mugs of Sideways Sawyer and Miles $ 1,300.

Claires squirrel baby not seen on screen LOST auction

Squirrel baby that the producers decided not to use, sold for $2,750

A version of Claire’s squirrel baby which the producers decided not to use, because they chose to use one with larger eyes and a more sinister face instead, sold for $2,750.

Charlie’s bass guitar from the finale $2,250. Dogen’s baseball $1,400. The pills he used to try to kill Sayid $650. The big wooden ankh $3,250. Eloise Hawking’s watch sold for $250, one of the least expensive items in the auction. Jack’s watch, by contrast, sold for $8,500.

A couple of items that sold for $200 each (the lowest I’ve seen) (1) banners and backstage passes for the Finale’s Drive Shaft concert, and (2) a set design model for the Temple and courtyard.

Items with no bids at all — Agent Mars’ sideways watch, Jae Lee’s watch (he’s the guy who had the affair with Sun), and 8-foot by 4-foot sections of foam stalagmites & stalactites from the light-filled cave in the Finale.

Four-toed foot remains of Taweret statue LOST auction

Four-toed foot

Dogen’s hourglass went for $4,750. The four-toed foot (the remains of the Taweret statue), made of foam and with the paint chipping, also went for $4,750.

The Man in Black’s black-and-white-stone-measuring scale and other stuff from the cave $8,500.

The dial with the candidates’ names and the rotating mirrors from the Lighthouse sold for an astonishing $27,500.

Three-seat rows of Oceanic Airlines seats sold for $1,300 to $2,250. Pieces of Flight 815 wreckage $1,600 to $2,500.

And the very last item sold — the script for the Finale, signed by Damon and Carlton sold for $7,500. By contrast, the script for the Pilot, signed by Damon and J.J. Abrams, sold for $15,000.

Total amount of money spent in the auction: Almost 2 million dollars.

Here’s a glimpse into the auction hall, when the frozen donkey wheel was being sold. Lots of empty seats — it looks like most of the action was taking place on the internet:

Click on pictures for more info from the auctioneer.

LOST Auction Day 2 — Part 2

12 cans dharma beer LOST auction

This is what five thousand dollars worth of Dharma beer looks like

Continued from LOST Auction Day 2 — Part 1

I’m watching a lot of this on the live auction feed. What I’ve missed I’m reading about on LostAuction on Twitter. The catalog, showing all the items, is here.

Twelve cans of Dharma beer sold for an amazing $5,000. Set design model of Oceanic 815 crash site $3,750.

Hurley’s Camaro sold for $20,000. Thought it would be more! Season 4 production art $5,500.

The frozen donkey wheel! Bidding is coming in fast from the floor and from the internet. Wow, it’s over $20,000 now, and rising in $2,500 increments. Sold for $25,000 to an internet bidder.

frozen donkey wheel LOST auction

The frozen donkey wheel sold for $25,000

Now they’re doing Season 5 costumes. Some big items coming up right after the costumes: Locke’s compass, his suicide note to Jack, and another of his knives. Also, the Ajira Airlines coffin crate that Ilana used to carry Real Locke’s dead body around.

Sawyer LaFleur Dharma jumpsuit LOST auction

Sawyer's LaFleur Dharma jumpsuit

Sawyer’s “LaFleur” jumpsuit is up. Seeing it gives me an achy nostalgic feeling. “LaFleur,” with the possible exception of “The Incident,” was my favorite episode of Season 5. The jumpsuit sold for $6,500! I guess I’m not the only one who loved that episode.

Sun’s wedding dress from “The Incident.” Beautiful. Sold for $2,000. Her wedding reception dress from that episode $900. Young Ben Linus costume — jeans, shirt, belt, shoes, glasses, and hoodie with a bullet hole — $900. Young Ben Linus’ gold-framed glasses $950. The Dharma jumpsuits are all getting good prices. Wow, Juliet’s black motorpool jumpsuit from “LaFleur” sold for $4,250!

Faraday’s Oxford graduation gown and diploma $950. His blue shirt, black pants, black tie Island outfit $2,750. His Dharma construction jumpsuit $2,750. Frank Lapidus’ Season 5 pilot’s uniform $1300.

The man in white and the man in black: Jacob’s costume from the opening scene of “The Incident” sold for $3,500. The MiB’s costume from that scene sold for $2,750. Does this mean good has triumphed over evil?

And the costumes just keep on coming. I guess they have so many because Season 5 wasn’t very long ago. Maybe the Season 1 costumes have mostly fallen apart by now. The Dharma jumpsuits are still selling well, even the ones worn by minor characters. The last clothing item, a collection of Dharma shirts, goes for $1,300.

Here come the props. Jack’s passport and Flight 316 ticket $3,250. His Season 5 backpack and ammo pouch from “The Variable” $2,000. Kate’s passport and Flight 316 ticket $4,250 — she beat Jack’s price for the same items! Little Kate’s backpack and “New Kids on the Block” lunch box from “The Incident” touched-by-Jacob flashback $1,200.

The guitar case Jacob gave Hurley, including the big wooden Ankh $4,250. Hurley’s Flight 316 tickets (he bought a bunch of them to keep other people off the plane so they wouldn’t get hurt) $1,800. His notebooks where he rewrote “The Empire Strikes Back” in “Some Like it Hoth” $4,250.

Young James Ford’s partially-written letter to “Mr. Sawyer” in “The Incident” flashback. Includes pen Jacob gave him. $2,250. Dossiers on the Oceanic Six that Widmore gave to Locke $3,000. Another of Locke’s knives with sheath, this one used from Season Three on $3,500.

Here comes Locke’s compass, one of the iconic props of the show. Bidding opens at $3,500. Sold for $8,000!

Locke’s “I wished you had believed me” hand-written suicide note to Jack $8,500!

The crate Ilana used to drag around Real Locke’s dead body. $3,000. The crutches Locke used during his suicide attempt $1,300.

Here’s a weird one. The dead boar Flocke brought to Richard. “Constructed of foam latex with synthetic hair, glass eyes and resin teeth. Distressed with studio blood and appears incredibly lifelike.” Looks disgusting. $1,500.

Jin’s wedding ring. Bidding starts at $2,250. Sells for $4,750. Ben’s passport and his copy of James Joyce’s “Ulysses” that he read on Flight 316. $2,500. Charles Widmore’s surveillance report of Sun $2,750. Ben’s secret door with hieroglyphics (I saw this at the Vilcek show — it’s big!) $6,000.

The Jughead nuclear core from “The Incident” $4,500. Richard’s ship in a bottle $4,750. Desmond’s wedding ring and Penny’s watch from “Jughead” flashback $3,250.

Faraday’s “new” journal, with his mother’s inscription, from “The Variable” flashback. Includes the gift box it came in. $2,750. The journal, later, with all his notes on his time travel experiments — wow — bidding is starting at $8,500. Sold for $27,500! More than the donkey wheel, and the most expensive item of the night so far.

The knife that Jacob used to fillet the “red herring” on the beach at the start of “The Incident” $3,750. His wooden fishing trap from the same scene $1,900.

Horace’s dynamite and Dharma whiskey bottle from “LaFleur” $2,000. Rousseau’s music box, when it was new, from a “Little Prince” flashback $1,800.

There’s a whole bunch of Dharma stuff coming up, starting with another lot of a dozen beer cans. Will this one sell for $5,000 too? Nope — it sold for $4,500. In LOST auction terms, where prices are as high as Tawaret’s head, that’s a bargain!

The bidding applet is stuck (they’re taking bids for the next few lots by phone now), and it’s late here, so I’m calling it a night! Will update, with the rest of the results, tomorrow. Goodnight LOSTfolk!

I’m back. Starting a new post, here –> LOST Auction Day 2 — part 3

LOST Auction Day 2 — Part 1

Dharma van LOST auction

Minimum starting bid for the Dharma van is $8,000

The second day (Sunday, August 22, 2010) of the auction starts at 1:00 PM Pacific Time. They’ll be selling 557 items from Seasons 4 to 6. Catalog showing all items.

I’ll be updating this post periodically, so check back. A great place for updates is LostAuction on Twitter. And you can watch the auction happening live on the auction site. This is very cool, and a total time suck, so don’t say I didn’t warn you if you blow your whole Sunday. Ha.

If you’re in L.A., you may still be able to go! At noon on Sunday, people were tweeting that there were plenty of tickets left. They’re not available online, but they said you can get them at the auction site.

They’re going to be selling the frozen donkey wheel, Locke’s compass, Jin’s wedding ring, more Dharma beer and soda cans, pieces of the submarine, Jacob’s tapestry (whoa, would love that), the Dharma van, the Dharma jeep, lots of clothes. Claire’s squirrel baby! Jacob’s metaphoric wine bottle. Dogen’s baseball. A 21-inch set design model of the statue of Taweret. (What? They’re not selling the statue itself?) The Man in Black’s scale (comes with a bunch of other things from the cave). Pieces of the Temple. Rows of Oceanic Airlines seats. More plane wreckage.

The very last item to be sold will be the script for the finale, signed by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. There are already 91 bids, and the auction doesn’t even start for another three-and-a-half hours! Maybe people want to buy it just so that they can take it home and burn it. I keed, I keed. Despite my bitterness over the finale, I still love 99.9999% of the show, and I’m excited about all the cool stuff being sold at the auction. Looking at these things is like taking a walk down memory lane.

Update: Bidding’s start. I’m watching live. They’re showing a 10-minute clip from the DVD boxset to the people in the hanger (not to us watching at home). First item up for bid will be the clothes Jack wore on the raft when the Oceanic Six were rescued.

JOpinionated’s posted more photos, including a nice shot of Sawyer’s repaired-with-wires glasses.

Bidding’s started. Jack’s raft outfit sold for $850. More of Jack’s outfits are selling for around the same price. Jack’s doctor clothes, including stereoscopic and knee hammers $1,400. His Dharma scrubs $1,300.

Kate’s outfits going for around $1,000 each, but the last one for sale — black skirt with two blouses (cream and black) from “The Economist” — sells for $5,000!

Hurley’s costumes selling for around $1,000.

Sawyer’s shirt and jeans from “The Economist.” $1,300. Set of 2 outfits $1,500.

OMG Sawyer’s boxer shorts! Only $850! What a steal!

Locke’s outfits topping $1,000. Sayid’s costumes below $1,000 so far. Taking a break. Next up: More of Sayid’s clothes, then Sun’s.

Ben’s Dharma parka and outfit from “Halliwax” goes for $3,500.

Desmond’s costume from “The Constant” $2,500. Penny’s costume from that episode $950. Miles’ black and gray outfit worn throughout Seasons 4 and 5: $850. Daniel Faraday’s HAZMAT suit $900. Frank Lapidus bright Hawaiian shirt and shorts ensemble $950. A collection of Keamy’s military costumes: $1, 600.

Looks like we’re done with the clothes, and on to the props. Collection of Jack’s personal stuff (wallet, watch, keys, beeper, wedding rings) $4,000. Photo of Jack with Aaron on swing $1,700. Dharma red wine in a box $1,200. Backgammon set used by Sawyer and Locke $4,000.

Sawyer’s copy of book “The Invention of Morel” by Casares $950. That’s more than his shorts sold for! Maybe people didn’t want to be seen as the kind of people who would want to buy Sawyer’s shorts. 😉

Locke’s knife with serrated edge used from Season 3 on: $3,500.

Oh, this is cool: Jeremy Bentham’s death certificate. $2,750.

“Don’t trust the captain” note given to Sayid and Desmond on the freighter: $1,900. Jin’s stuffed panda bear $1,700.

Sun and Jin’s wedding rings and five framed photos $1,900. Ben s messenger bag and keffiyeh from Tunisia $1,500. Ben’s bag with Dean Moriarity passports and prop currencies from different countries $5,000!

The books are selling for a lot. $1,100 for the copy of Philip K. Dick’s “Valis” that Locke gave to Ben.

A bottle of Juliet’s Dharma rum $3,250. Wow. Michael’s suitcase bomb $3,250. Charlotte and Faraday’s satellite phones $3,000.

Faraday’s time machine and rat maze $2000. His scientific notes and briefcase from “The Constant” $3,250. His map to the Tempest station $2,250.

Miles’ ghost-detection machine! Looks like it could double as a vacuum cleaner too. $900. Coming up: The items Richard Alpert used to test young Locke (baseball glove, knife, comic book, “Book of Laws”). I’m going to guess $4,500. Actual sales price: $3,750. A dozen nameplates, including the five from the Oceanic Six press conference $2,000. Collection of four big Oceanic signs, one wood, the rest cardboard and foamcore — $5,500! Tunisian newspaper with Oceanic Flight 815 cover story that Charlotte picked up $4,250. Wow.

Polar bear collar (cool) $4,500. Partial polar bear skeleton from Tunisia $1,200. Risk board game $2,500. Blueprint of Jacob’s cabin found on Horace’s dead body $7,000. Highest bid, I think, for anything so far today!

Jacobs cabin blueprint map LOST auction

Jacob's cabin blueprint sold for $7,000

A whole bunch of Apollo candy bars $2,000. Dharma map to the temple $3,500. The big standing compass from the freighter $6,500!

This is getting long. I’m starting a new post here: LOST Auction Day 2 — Part 2

Click on pictures for more info from the auctioneer

Late-night updates for LOST Auction Day 1

LOST Swan station computer sold at auction

Swan station computer

The Swan Station computer sold for $16,000!!

(After buyer’s premium and tax, it came out to $21,072.)

The fail-safe key sold for $11,000.

Oh, I just realized they are going through the show season by season.

Mr. Eko’s Jesus sticks sold for $8,000 for the real one and $4,000 for the stunt version. (Didn’t know Jesus sticks had stunt doubles! Ha.)

Six Apollo chocolate bars sold for … get this … $1,200! I hope everyone in the buyer’s household, pets included, knows not to eat them!

A deck of Dharma playing cards went for $4,250. I wonder if people are bidding like crazy now, as it gets near closing time, just so they won’t have to go home empty-handed.

Via LostAuction on Twitter

Editing to add: Watch the auction live! It’s mesmerizing to watch. It moves so quickly!

Now I’m watching it live … They’re selling off a lot of costumes. It looks like all the bids are coming in from the internet. I wonder if all the people in L.A. went home, or if they’re just waiting for bigger items.

Oh, now there’s some bidding from the floor — so there are still people there — for a pair of Charlie’s t-shirts. It went for $750. Collection of young Ben Linus costumes went for $650.

Roger linus corpse dharma jumpsuit and decomposed arm

Roger Linus, on a bad day

Roger Linus’ corpse Dharma jumpsuit and decomposed arm (!!) sold for $1,900.

Bernard’s walking stick $850.

Naomi’s paratrooper jumpsuit. $600. Her parachute rig with flashlight/beacon $800.

Here’s a picture of the auction room (airport hanger, actually). They’re staring at a big screen which is exactly the same screen we see at home.

Richard Alpert’s Other costume $900.

Mikhail’s DHARMA jumpsuit, costume and eyepatch. Bidding is fast and furious on this. Sold at $1,600. His diving gear $450. His Dharma jumpsuit $1,000.

Jack s CA license plate for his Ford Bronco — bidding started at $1,500! Sold for $2,750. His backpack from Thailand $1,000. His crossword puzzle (ooh, I’d like that) $600. His divorce papers $500. His football $1,300.

kates gold locket necklace auction LOST

Kate's gold locket necklace sold for $5,500

Kate’s gold locket necklace. Bidding started at $1,000. A LOT of action from the floor. Sold for $5,500!

Kate’s handcuffs $650. I thought they would go for a lot more than that. Hurley’s canteen $1,300.

Mr. Cluck’s head $800.

Sawyer’s Season 3 reading glasses, held together with multi-colored wire: Bidding opened at $900. Sold for $2,250.

A couple of beat-up Dharma beer cans belonging to Sawyer. $1,500. Hurley and Sawyer’s make-shift ping-pong paddles and balls $2,250. Wow.

Sawyer’s (James Ford’s) arrest report: Started at $600. Sold at $1,000.

Locke’s driver’s license and registration: Started at $850. Sold at $1,500.

Locke’s knife with sheath. Started at $2,250! Sold at $6,000!

Collection of Locke’s rubber stunt knives. $2,500.

Locke’s coffin!! Sold for $1,200. Thought it would have gone for a lot more, but I guess that’s a hard thing to display in your living room.

Sayid’s wallet, and all the stuff in it, including a picture of him with (I think) Nadia. $1,300. His Dharma cabling map showing the barracks $2,000. His backpack with (prop) C4 — $850.

Sun’s broken glass ballerina — $550. I would have expected more.

Aaron’s crib, broken after attack by Others. $1,200.

Charlie’s DS ring — opened at $3,750!! Sold for $8,500.

Charlie’s handwritten 5 greatest moments on notepad $3,750. His guitar with arrow through neck $2,000. His flashback guitar with case $4,500.

Ben’s round glasses are coming up. I’d love to have those! But first, a collection of 25 tribal masks from Ben’s barracks home. Sold for $7,500. My god. Other stuff from the house $1800. Ben’s tan canvas messenger bag $3,250. Note commuting Juliet’s execution $1,300. Ben’s medical records $1,200.

Ben Linus glasses LOST auction

Ben Linus' glasses sold for $2,500

Here come the glasses! Lots of bids from the floor. Sold for $2,500 to an internet bidder.

Next major item coming up: Penny’s engagement ring. I’m going to guess $5,000.

Ben’s Dharma whiskey bottle and two tumblers $2,250. Surprised that was almost as much as his eyeglasses. Desmond’s backpack and Portugese version of “Catch 22” $1,200.

Here comes the ring. Opened at $1,100. Sold for $3,500. Less than I had guessed!

I’m going to call it a night. There are 29 items left. I’ll add an update tomorrow.

Sunday — update on highlights of the remaining items sold last night. I’m getting these from the auction site (you have to register to see the final sales prices)

A collection of 32 Dharma beer cans sold for $3,250. Karl’s goggles from Room 23 plus slingshots and pack sold for $2,000, but the brainwashing chair went for only $900.

Fishbiscuit machine LOST auction

Fishbiscuit machine sold for $7,000

The fishbiscuit machine, which comes with 30+ fishbiscuits, sold for $7,000!!

Lots of collections of Dharma branded items – food, drinks, etc. selling for around $1,000 each.

280 pieces of Season 3 production artwork sold for $7,000.

A collection of furniture from Jacob’s cabin sold for $2,750.

Click through on photos for more information on the items from the auction site.

Behind the scenes tour of LOST auction

This was shot on Friday (yesterday), so seeing it now is like taking a short time-travel hop back to before the auction started. (Watch out for nose bleeds!) The president of Profiles in History, the auction company, shows an L.A. times reporter around. Story.

LOST auction day 1

Sawyers letter LOST

Sawyer's letter

I’m getting all this from Twitter #LostAuction.

The auction will be going on till 9:00 PM tonight. It’s not too crowded. If you’re in L.A., go!

Jin’s Rolex sold for $1,900. and his handcuffs for $800. Fishing net and pole $900.

Sayid’s photo of Nadia, $1,000. Aww.

Locke’s backgammon set $7,000. Wow!

Locke’s wheelchair $3,250. Thought that would have been more!

Locke’s case of knives $7,500.

(Now I’m understanding why they had two cops at the Vilcek exhibit.)

Hurley’s lottery ticket $5,500.

Sawyer’s letter $6,500.

His copy of “Watership Down” $2,750.

His reading glasses $2,250. I know a lot of people who would have liked those!

Hurley’s comic book $3,250.

Wow, that’s just the last hour! Oops, it’s going to be too much to blog. But do check out Twitter to get all the news live. Also, JOpinionated is there and posting fantastic photos.

Update: The Swan Hatch door went for $16,000! Charlie’s ring for $9,000. The Santa Rosa Mental Hosptial Sign $750. A package of 140 pieces of Season 1 production artwork, blueprints & sketches — $14,000. Yikes! Rousseau’s map $9,000. Four Virgin Mary statues in a crate $4,250 (heroin not included!) Oceanic water bottles $1400. Flight 815 boarding sign $4,750. Boone’s boarding pass/driver’s license $1,700. Sun’s boarding pass and password $2000. Aaron’s crib $8,000.

They need a bargain table for the rest of us! How about selling a few grains of sand that Sawyer looked at for $10?

Update #2 Desmond’s Dharma jumpsuit went for $4,750. Ben Linus’ Henry Gale costume went for $1,500.

Update #3 I got these from TheODI: Kate’s toy plane (with three other planes included) sold for $6,500. Kate’s passport and mugshot $4,500. Sawyer’s blue jeans and t-shirt outfit $650. Such a bargain! Autographed pilot script $15,000. Wow!!

— continued on Late Night Updates to Lost Auction Day 1

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