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LOST Untangled finale 6×17-18 “The End”

This last “LOST Untangled” is much more a retrospective of the entire series than an untangling of the finale itself.

That’s too bad, because the finale was the one episode that I really needed to have untangled, the one episode that left me baffled.

Maybe they didn’t untangle it because they couldn’t, because they didn’t understand it themselves.

(What, me bitter? 😉 )

Anyway, this has music by the “Previously on Lost” recap band, lots of clips of iconic moments from all six years of the show, but alas, no dancing statue this time.

Be sure to watch it past the end of the credits, where there is a moment that is vey funny (for those who’ve been watching the “Untangled” videos all along.)

Puppet Dr. Chang channels John Locke in a rap music video — hilarious and brilliant

You have to watch this:

This has got to be the best thing that the “Lost Untangled” crew has ever done, with the possible exception of the Season 5 Untangled Finale Event — which is where the dancing statue seen in the video above originated. The music for both videos was done by the same group, the recap band Previously on Lost.

Previously on LOST band playing in New York Oct. 27

Previously on LOST, the band that does funny, manic musical recaps of LOST episodes — including the Season 5 finale LOST Untangled — will be playing live Tuesday night, October 27, 2009 at 7 PM.

Here’s the info they posted on their Myspace page:

10/27/2009 7:00 PM at EARLY show at the Mercury Lounge, with Har Mar Superstar
217 E Houston, New York, New York
Cost: $10
yes, we are back to recap Lost for all of you who just can’t wait for Season 6 to begin. We play at 7 PM, so show up on time! And the great Har Mar Superstar closes out the night, so this will be a fantastic show all around.

Here they are singing “Be My Constant” in The Knitting Factor, June 1, 2008:

‘Previously on Lost’ band playing tonight (Tuesday, July 21, 2009) in New York City

Dancing statue in the Lost Untangled video

Dancing statue in the Lost Untangled video

Remember the “Previously on Lost” band that played on the Season 5 Finale LOST Untangled video?

They’re going to be in New York tonight, playing at the Mercury Lounge in lower Manhattan, where they will be performing their Season 5 Finale recap song live for the first time. Also appearing are the headline act Malajube — a French-Canadian indie rock band — and two other bands. Only $10! 21+

Here’s a clip of the band in a concert they did last year at the Knitting Factory in NY, singing a catchy recap of The Constant:

And here’s the Season 5 Finale LOST Untangled video:

You can listen to more of Previously on Lost’s songs on their MySpace page.

Concert clip from WeArePOL

The last ‘LOST Untangled’ of Season 5

Mandy asked:

Will there be any more “LOST: Untangled” posted here????

At the time Mandy asked the question, at the end of May, ABC hadn’t yet released the LOST Untangled for the finale episode (5×16-17 The Incident). They did release it soon after that, in early June, calling it the LOST Untangled Finale Event.

It’s good! It’s got music by the fan band Previously on Lost and a cute dancing statue.

If the video doesn’t work, you can see it on the ABC site.

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