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Tom Bergeron shout-out to LOST

On Dancing With the Stars earlier this week, after a waltz that used billowing white smoke to create a romantic atmosphere, the host Tom Bergeron, who is great at tossing off one-liners, quipped, “Very nice … Audrina … Tony … and the Smoke Monster from LOST.”

It’s at 3:24 below:

Question about Avatar (slight spoiler)

The iconic shot of Jack's eye opening in the LOST pilot

The last shot in Avatar showed an eye opening.

Could that be a shout-out to LOST? Or am I so LOST-obsessed that I’m just imagining things?

Screencap of Jack’s eye via Lostpedia, which has a whole catalogue of LOST eyes.

Oceanic Airlines billboard shows up in “FlashForward”!

Sl-LOST has posted a screenshot from the pilot episode of “FlashForward” which shows a billboard, in the background, advertising LOST’s own Oceanic Airlines!

Oceanic Airlines billboard in the pilot episode of FlashForward

Oceanic Airlines billboard in the pilot episode of FlashForward


FlashForward, which stars LOST actors Sonya Walger (Penny) and Dominic Monaghan (Charlie), will start on Thursday, September 24, at 8:00 (7:00 Central).

In other FlashForward news, the pilot episode has been leaked and is now available online on “several file-sharing websites.”

ABC also released the first 18 minutes of the pilot. The network is claiming that had always been their plan, but who knows.

Photo Credit: Detail from a screenshot posted on Sl-LOST.

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