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Films with LOST alumni Black Friday week sale

Amazon is having a big Black Friday week sale that is going on all week, starting today, Monday, November 21, 2011. I looked through the virtual bins, and found several items featuring LOST actors that could make great gifts (or to give to yourself). Continue reading

Dominic Monaghan (Charlie) in a music video, thinking about Twinkies

This music video has Eminem rapping, Rihanna singing, and Dominic Monaghan and Megan Fox kissing, fighting, and otherwise acting out the words of the song. At the end, Penny’s boat comes and rescues them all.

Just kidding about that last bit.

The song and the video aren’t my cup of tea (too violent), but I enjoyed seeing Dominic in yet another role.

I found this video on sl-LOST. A lot of the LOST blogs have become inactive, but sl-LOST is still posting fresh, interesting stuff every day, which makes it a great place to go if you want to get a LOST blog fix. Well, after you come here, of course. ūüėČ

In an interview with MTV, Dominic said

the concept of the clip revolves around domestic violence and Eminem’s tumultuous relationship with his twice-ex wife, Kim. “It’s the story of them getting to know each other and it’s the story of their tumultuous relationship and it’s the story of the breakdown of their relationship …

“I was playing Slim Shady and trying as hard as I could to be Slim Shady.”

For motivation, the German-born, British-bred actor said he listened to Em’s first two albums a lot and tried to get into a “nasty, dirty … white trash” frame of mind, strutting around the set in either no shirt or a dirty cut-off T-shirt and thinking about one of his favorite snacks, Twinkies.

Twinkies. Ha.

Unusual gifts for fans of ABC’s LOST

Updated November 23, 2011

Are you looking for LOST-related gifts for fans who already have the DVDs and t-shirts and episode guides? Here are some out-of-the-ordinary items that even the most enthusiastic LOST fan is unlikely to own:

The hatch painting

The hatch painting

If you’ve taken the Lost University placement test, you may remember a question about the mural in the Swan station. The mural, also known as the hatch painting, was painted by executive producer and director Jack Bender. You can buy a 24″ by 32″ poster print signed by Bender for $45, or the same-sized print unsigned for $25.

Gospel of John starring Henry Ian Cusick

"Gospel of John" starring Henry Ian Cusick

Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond Hume) got rave reviews for playing Jesus Christ in the 2003 movie Gospel of John, his first major film role. Before then he had been primarily a stage actor. Jam! called Cusick “the finest and most refined Christ in film history.” L.A. Weekly said “Rather than the ethereal Christ figure common to much religious art, The Gospel of John‚Äôs Jesus (played brilliantly by the Royal Shakespeare Company‚Äôs Henry Ian Cusick) is a fundamentally human, impassioned rabbi, frustrated by the need to perform miracles as a way of proving himself, enraged by the sin he sees all about him.” The Gospel of John DVD sells for $11.99.

The Baptism of Christ by Verrocchio and da Vinci

The Baptism of Christ by Verrocchio

Another question on the Lost U. placement test referred to the 15th century painting “The Baptism of Christ,” created by Andrea del Verrocchio with assistance from a young Leonardo da Vinci. In episode 1×12 Fire + Water, Charlie had a dream where Claire and his mother were the angels that appear on the left side of the painting, and Hurley was John the Baptist. You can buy a 13″ x 19″ poster of the painting, now on sale¬† for only one penny (plus shipping).

Hotel Lachapelle

Hotel Lachapelle

If your LOST-fan gift recipients have seen the amazing Season 1 British promo created by wildly inventive photographer David LaChapelle, they might enjoy seeing some of his other work. Here’s Amazon’s description of his photography book Hotel LaChapelle: “In this world, heads are sewn onto different-colored bodies, a nurse holds a face with a pair of tweezers, Marilyn Manson works as a school crossing guard, Madonna is a Krishna goddess, Leonard DiCaprio becomes Marlon Brando, and Ewan McGregor’s face peers into a dollhouse while his body bleeds from a gunshot wound fired from Barbie’s diminutive gun. The list goes on, and what it says about LaChapelle’s vision is that excess is never too much.” Hotel Lachapelle sells for $37.80.

Bride and Prejudice

See Sayid dance

Before he played Sayid, Naveen Andrews danced his way through the 2005 Bollywood musical remake of Pride and Prejudice (clip). LOST fans can tap their toes to Bride and Prejudice for $14.49.



A tour of LOST’s filming locations on Oahu would be the ultimate gift for a LOST fan. A five-hour guided tour in a Hummer costs $154.00 per person. Buy two tickets so that you can go too.

I like ‘V’ better than ‘FlashForward’

Promo picture for "V" with Elizabeth Mitchell in the center

Promo picture for "V" with Elizabeth Mitchell in the center

While there’s only been one episode of V so far, I’m already liking it better than FlashForward, the other show with a LOST alum as a star. I thought V had more interesting characters (the teenagers, in particular, I thought were very well done), better production values (the inside of the ship was cool), better dramatic conflicts, better dialogue, and hints of some intriguing themes.

It’s no LOST (even if they did have a guy who got out of a wheelchair), but so far, it looks good.

What do you think? Which science-fiction show, with an FBI investigation, starring a blonde LOST actress, do you prefer?

Editing to add 8/17/10: After the haitus, I thought FlashFoward got much better, and by the end, I was sorry that it was canceled. I wanted to see more. I thought V, on the other hand, went downhill in the spring. So I’ve changed my mind completely about both shows. This was one case where first impressions were not accurate!

Henry Ian Cusick stars in “Darwin’s Darkest Hour”

Henry Ian Cusick as Charles Darwin

Henry Ian Cusick as Charles Darwin

Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond on LOST) plays Darwin in a 2-hour special, presented by NOVA and National Geographic Television, airing on PBS tomorrow, Tuesday, October 6, 2009, at 8:00 PM. The program will also be available online starting on October 7.

The drama, which is set in 1858 when Darwin was 49 years old, focuses on the time when Darwin struggled to decide whether or not he should go public with his theory of evolution.

In an interview posted on the NOVA website, Cusick was asked if he was surprised by anything he learned about Darwin or his theory while working on the film. Cusick answered:

Yes. You know, for all the creationists out there, Darwin’s just an atheist. But he was actually agnostic. There’s a passage in the film in which he says that he doesn’t know where the initial spark of life came from, you know? He thought that that spark of life came to Earth, and then from that one spark all these other things were created. And I think that’s a very honest and open view….

The passage in the script, from Darwin’s own writing, goes: “I think there’s beauty‚ÄĒand grandeur‚ÄĒin a view of life having been originally breathed into perhaps a single form, and that from so simple a beginning, endless forms, most beautiful and wonderful, have been and are being evolved.”

I think that’s lovely. That is my favorite speech of the film. It seems like a very intelligent way of looking at how we arrived here. His view, to me, seems very plausible and very simple.

Here are two promos:

More information: Official site for “Darwin’s Darkest Hour”

Oceanic Airlines billboard shows up in “FlashForward”!

Sl-LOST has posted a screenshot from the pilot episode of “FlashForward” which shows a billboard, in the background, advertising LOST’s own Oceanic Airlines!

Oceanic Airlines billboard in the pilot episode of FlashForward

Oceanic Airlines billboard in the pilot episode of FlashForward


FlashForward, which stars LOST actors Sonya Walger (Penny) and Dominic Monaghan (Charlie), will start on Thursday, September 24, at 8:00 (7:00 Central).

In other FlashForward news, the pilot episode has been leaked and is now available online on “several file-sharing websites.”

ABC also released the first 18 minutes of the pilot. The network is claiming that had always been their plan, but who knows.

Photo Credit: Detail from a screenshot posted on Sl-LOST.

Michael Emerson talking about “The Incident”

Ben, to Jacob: "What about me?"

Ben, to Jacob: "What about me?"

I’m still thinking about The Incident.

The last official audio podcast of Season 5, released May 16, 2009, has an entertaining interview with Michael Emerson. He made me laugh again because he appeared to be as amazed by the episode as we were.  He said when he first read the script and saw he would be killing Jacob, he was shocked.

Emerson and his interviewer also talked about the first scene, the one with Jacob and the unamed man I like to call Esau.¬† The interviewer said that Jacob wearing white and the other man wearing black was a return to the theme of black and white that has appeared in the show before, but that he thought it didn’t necessarily mean that Jacob was good and the other man bad.

Emerson emphatically agreed, and he said, “Our show delights in thwarting those equations.”

I agree also. I’ve seen a lot of theories online that posit that Jacob represents the forces of good, and Esau the forces of evil, and they will have an epic confrontation in Season 6. But I don’t think that’s where the writers are going. At least I hope not.

Emerson also talked about his plans for the summer (now over, alas!). He said he likes to be with his wife Carrie in New York during the summers. They have an enforced separation while LOST is shooting, “so I just like to follow her around during the summer. I like to hold her coat, and fetch her drinks, and be her personal assistant as much as I can.” So sweet! I hope he got a chance to do just that.

He also mentioned he had just finished shooting the character of a radical fundamentalist Puritan in a show for PBS. That should be interesting!

There’s a lot more in the podcast, which is available in the ABC archives:¬† Official audio podcast of 5/16/09

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