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Titus Welliver (LOST’s Man in Black) in “Touch”

Titus Welliver LOST The Incident 5x16

The Man in Black

Titus Welliver played a key role in the pilot of Touch, a role that was all wrapped up in the show’s numbers.  And, according to an interview he gave several months ago, he will be coming back. 

If you missed the Pilot, you can watch it now on Hulu.

Warning: spoilers (if you haven’t seen the Pilot) after the jump: Continue reading

The numbers … the winning lottery ticket … “Touch” gave me LOST deja vu

The Touch pilot was LOST-like in several ways, with its mysteries, its eerie connections between characters, its explicit mention of fate and destiny and, especially, the way it ripped off (or paid homage to) the LOST numbers — not the exact numbers, of course, but the general idea of them. It’s even got a LOST alumnus — Titus Welliver (the Man in Black) in a crucial guest role (hat tip to Geri in the comments for recognizing Welliver). Continue reading

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