Bus driver counters Matthew Fox’s countersuit

Bus driver who sued Matthew Fox Jack from LOST

Heather Bormann, the bus driver who says she was assaulted by Matthew Fox

This all started when Matthew Fox may or may not (depending on who you believe) have drunkenly punched a Cleveland bus driver in the private parts when she wouldn’t let him get on her chartered party bus. Prosecutors declined to bring criminal charges, but the bus driver sued.  Then Matthew Fox sued back, claiming he wasn’t the one who punched her. She punched him, he said. He also sued her for defamation.  Now the bus driver has filed a motion asking that Fox’s countersuit be dismissed.

Here’s video about the incident from a local Cleveland television news broadcast, which has an interview with the bus driver, a short clip of her 911 call, and an interview with a fan who met Fox a few hours earlier.


(If video doesn’t load, click the picture at the top of the post for a link.)

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