“Once Upon a Time” is pushing the LOST connection hard

Update 10/24/11: If you are looking for screencaps of the LOST references in the pilot episode of Once Upon a Time, those are here: LOST shout-outs in “Once Upon a Time”

original August 7 post:

I had a startling moment this evening. I was sitting in front of the TV, remote in hand, flipping quickly through the channels — and all of a sudden, the word “LOST” flashed on the screen, in white letters on a black background — followed by the iconic shot of Jack’s eye, opening.

WTF? I thought.

It turned out to be the last few seconds of an ad for “Once Upon a Time.” I had flipped to the channel at the exact moment the word “LOST” appeared on the screen and hadn’t seen the part that came right before, which was “FROM THE WRITERS OF …”

The connection, which “Once Upon a Time” is milking for all it’s worth, is that LOST writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz are the producers of the new show.

I’m leery of comparisons to LOST, especially because “Once Upon a Time” seems so different — and because previous such comparisons (FlashFoward, The Event), fell flat. I’m definitely interested enough to check out “Once Upon,” though, when it starts — which is actually not for a while, considering that they are already hyping it so intensely. The pilot airs on Sunday, October 23.

Here’s the promo that had startled me:

For more info, see the Once Upon a Time official site.

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