Jorge Garcia in “Mr. Sunshine”

Jorge Garcia on Mr. Sunshine

Matthew Perry and Jorge Garcia on the premiere of Mr. Sunshine

I tuned into the premiere of the new comedy “Mr. Sunshine” and was surprised to see Jorge Garcia pop up about three or four minutes in.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Jorge was invited to play a guest role on the pilot because Matthew Perry, the star, writer, and executive producer of “Mr. Sunshine,” is a huge LOST fan.

It was great to see Jorge. The show itself wasn’t so good though. It’s supposed to be a madcap comedy about the wacky life of Ben, the manager of a San Diego sports/circus/concert arena (Matthew Perry), and the colorful eccentrics surrounding him, but with the exception of a few funny moments, the jokes fell flat. The best part was actually the semi-serious subplot about Perry’s fear of commitment driving away his love interest, Andrea Anders, the liveliest actor among the regular cast.

You can catch a glimpse of Jorge in the video clip below:

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