Some thoughts after seeing the enhanced Pilot

Kate, terrified (1x01)

Evangeline Lilly’s acting was fantastic here, especially after they were running from the cockpit, and she lost Jack and Charlie, and counted to five to control her terror. I think that’s the best acting we’ve ever seen from her.

Jack seemed plausibly leader-like. His dithering hadn’t yet started.

LOST Pilot Part 1 Locke enjoying rain arms outstretched

Locke enjoying the rain (1x01)

Terry O’Quinn was amazing, right off the bat. Seeing him being so good reminded me that I thought his Season 1 performance, especially in the Pilot and in Walkabout, and his Season 6 performance in the dual roles of Flocke and sideways Locke, were his best performances of the series, and that between Seasons 1 and 6, his character had gotten a bit soggy and confused. I had been disappointed and believed the writers had lost their way and couldn’t sustain the character. But this year, all was redeemed.

When Locke asked Walt, “Do you want me to tell you a secret?” that seemed like an incredibly significant moment. But then what? Was there ever any follow-up to that? Not that I can remember.

I saw the enhanced Pilot on a much better TV than the one where I saw it the first time, and it seemed much gorier (especially the pilot in the tree and the shrapnel in the Marshall’s gut) in HD, where the blood was far more vivid.

Oooh, Sawyer was bad.

Loved Charlie’s “terrific” when they first saw Smokie.

There was a spark between Sawyer and Kate right away. And it involved a gun.

I had forgotten how prominent Boone and Shannon were in the Pilot. I’m glad that they’re gone. It would have been really annoying if they had been stars of the show all the way through.

Claire looked so pretty before she went feral.

The first time I saw the Pilot I hated Jin with a passion. Seeing it this time around, I actually wasn’t really sure why he was being such a jerk to Sun. I must have forgotten something.

The one thing in the pop-up hints that surprised me was when they said that Kate hadn’t wanted the Marshall to die because that would have been one more death that would be blamed on her. I had always thought it would be to her advantage if he died, but that she gave him the oxygen mask on the plane simply because she was, at heart, a decent person.

Most of the pop-up hints were saying obvious things. Some were interesting. But they pale in comparison to the audio commentary for the Pilot on the Season 1 DVD, which was done by J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof (pre-Darlton, as Carlton Cuse hadn’t yet come on board, and sounding much more serious than he does now), and producer Bryan Burk. They gave a lot of insight into what they were thinking and how they had filmed things.

There’s also a transcript of that DVD commentary available on Lostpedia, though only for the first part: Transcript of DVD commentary.

Screencap of Kate is via, and the one of Locke is from Geekscape. Click images to see the originals.

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