“Enhanced” version of the Pilot tonight (Saturday, May 22, 2010)

The “enhanced” version of both parts of the original Season 1 Pilot will be showing tonight in the U.S. from 8:00 to 10:00 PM. (an hour earlier Central Time).

LOST Pilot 1x02 looking at dead polar bear

Shannon, Boone, Charlie, and Sawyer looking at dead polar bear (1x02)

“Enhanced” means they will be showing the sometimes-helpful sometimes-obvious pop-up hints at the bottom of the screen.

LOST Pilot 1x02 Sawyer

Sawyer reading his letter (1x02)

LOST Pilot 1x02 Locke Walt backgammon

Locke, Walt, and the backgammon set (1x02)

They usually do a lot of cross-referencing in pop-up hints, pointing out how something we’re watching relates to something else in a different episode. Because the enhanced episodes are normally the most recent, those cross-references have always pointed to episodes that came before. I’m curious to see how it will work tonight — if they will cross-reference the Pilot to episodes that came after.

LOST Pilot 1x01 Flight 815 rose jack locke

Rose, Jack, and Locke on Flight 815 (1x01)

Awk. It’s making me sad to see these pictures. I miss the LOST-ies already.

LOST Locke with orange in mouth (Pilot 1x02)

Locke (1x01)

Other schedule info:

Finale night (tomorrow!) in the U.S.
Finale — international showing, in some countries, simultaneously with the U.S. and/or 24-48 hours after.

Screencaps from lost-media.com. Click on pictures, then click again for larger versions.

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