Poll: What did you think of 6×06 Sundown?

Sideways Sayid in LOST 6x06 Sundown

How can you go wrong with a Sayid-centric episode?

It will be interesting to see how this week’s poll compares to last week’s. I haven’t seen Sundown yet, but I’m guessing that it will be a lot more popular than the previous episode. That’s based on the sneak peeks, which looked amazing. Also — how can you go wrong with a Sayid-centric episode?

Here, for comparison purposes, are the results of last week’s poll on 6×05 “Lighthouse“:

Best episode of Season 6 — 3%
Amazing — 26%
Good  — 54%
Okay — 6%
Not so good — 11%
Worst episode of Season 6  — 0%

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3 responses to “Poll: What did you think of 6×06 Sundown?

  1. That was quite a twist with Sideways Sayid and Nadia from what I was expecting from the sneak peek. His brother’s wife. Wow. And Jin in the gangsters’ closet.

    Re the Island, I wonder if anyone else thought that Dogen was going to come back to life after Sayid drowned him — the way that Sayid had come back to life after Dogen’s men drowned him. For a moment, I thought that Sayid was trying to initiate Dogen into Sayid’s zombie club, but I guess not.

    Is Kate really joining Smokey’s ragtag army? That will pit her against Jack (assuming Jack signs on with Jacob, which it looks like he will) and Hurley. It will also put her in league with Sawyer, except that Sawyer doesn’t want anything to do with her. At least not yet.

    • I thought the twist of Nadia being his sil was sad, but twisted. The sneak peak had made me hopeful that Sayid might have found happiness. Though I guess her being alive at all is enough for him.

      I totaly was expecting dogen to come back to life. Who knows, he still might. It took 2hrs for Sayid.

      I’m not sure yet what to think about Kate … Is she joining fLockes group out of not having another choice, or does something about the destructive powers speak to her, or is she just following Claire?

  2. About Nadia and Sayid — yes, exactly, because of the sneak peek I was expecting them to get together and live in total sideways bliss. I was so shocked that2 seconds after the bit we saw in the peek, we find out that Nadia is married to Sayid’s brother.

    That was actually a pretty clever bit of misdirection from the sneak-peek editors, showing us that one little scene out of context.

    I guess that Sayid is still constrained by his destiny, or his character, or whatever, in the sideways world. It seems to be his fate not to be able to live a normal life with Nadia.

    I had thought that in the sideways world, the characters all found the happiness they had been denied in the flashback world. But now it looks like it’s not as simple as that.

    As for Dogen, you’re right! Two hours. He could still come back.

    I don’t know about Kate either. She didn’t look too happy to be joining Flocke’s band of ragged warriors. Maybe she saw that as the only way to survive, considering that there were dead bodies strewn all around the Temple courtyard?

    I was surprised that Claire didn’t try to strangle her as soon as they got out of the pit (or even while they were still in it).

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